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    Managing my sound system...

    1. I was aware of the term Splitter.. never used one though! Glad you can confirm. 2. Already got them, and they provide more than just bass! However.. The sub is going in later, and well.. The spot is built into my car in the parcel shelf for them! 3. That's what I thought! 4. So! Plan was to drive four speakers of the first one, (Front, Rear Doors) then ditch the two channel I'm putting in when I get the sub! Replace it with a 4Ch and bridge the other output for the sub? "Go Active" ? I've heard the term.. But have no idea what it refers too... Care to help us out? 5. Ahaha. Something along the lines of "they're good when you lose power for a micro second.. but then suck power (that the amp could otherwise be using) while they recharge? 6. So sub size isn't? aha. 7. Planned on sanding back the rear seat bolting and chucking it there! Thanks Enrique!
  2. Michael Simpson

    Managing my sound system...

    Oh, and if you have any better solutions to the Amps, let me know!
  3. Alright, I'm sort of confused, and have spent hours/Days/weeks trying to figure this all out, but I'm sort of just in between ideas at the moment. I was told you guys were the best, and so I've come here! If you have any ideas, any help would greatly be appreciated. and I've tried to help out as much as I can in terms of information.. So essentially I'm at the stage where I already have; HU - AVIC-F910BT (http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/archive/AVIC-F910BT/page.html) Which for quick reference has Front, Rear and Sub pre-outs. 6x9's - JL C2-690TX (http://www.elite-electronics.com.au/In-Car_Entertainment/Speakers/Rear_Speakers/JL_Audio_C2-690TX_6x9_Speakers#.UgkNupIy1x9) and a 2 channel to run them for the mean time..Rated @70W RMS x 2... Conveniently. For now I'm planning to rewire the current speakers to a four channel amp (I was thinking http://www.elite-electronics.com.au/In-Car_Entertainment/Amplifiers/Multi-Channel/Boss_Audio_PH4.500_4-Channel_2000W_Amplifier#incar-speaker ?) Then setting the gains down to suit (it is a rather powerful Amplifier for the speakers). After that it's wiring up the amp I already have with the 6x9's, and hooking it all back up to the HU. With the aim to upgrade to Alpine Type R's (possibly four components) in the near future! And the sub (after that... As for my questions! RCA's - How do I get it done?! I was thinking a 1M-2F connector, hooking that up to the 4 CH via Front-out? Using rear-out for 6x9 amp and keeping the other spot free for the sub/amp? The reason for the rear doors is because I don't want the system to be too low-end heavy in the back (with a sub and 2x 6x9's). Good call? Essentially the amp would be running at 50% of it's capacity.. Is that too low? When the new one's are in I'll be setting gains on the point before they clip (I've been told they're severely underrated @ 110W RMS.. it would get the amp to near 70% of 'RMS' power) Would it be better to run two four channels, bridging one output for the sub, or three amps (Keeping in mind i have the 2 channel already.. or 2x 4CH listed above is powerful enough)? Are capacitors advised/essential / how do they work (Any "4-dummy's" explanation would be fantastic!) Speaker wiring.... I've been told 10/12AWG for subs, and 16AWG would be best-suit for the other speakers. Accurate? Using Seperate ground wiring for each amp.. is that how it should be done? Am I missing any crucial parts? (Bar obviously wiring, and power cable splitter) Anything else? (Advice? ) Thanks in advance for any and all help! Michael