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    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    We also have a phone number on our website that we will answer around the clock and I did get your email and overlooked it which I do apologize.
  2. Andrew2944r

    Suggestions from AMPERE & friends

    Box spec as included .65 - .7 cubes tuned to 42 - 48hz If you would like full T/S parameters please send me an email to ampereaudio@yahoo.com and I will send them out asap. We have yet to update the website but will het that taken care of.
  3. Andrew2944r

    Welcome Ampere Audio to the forum

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. We will be posting up information about current products soon. Thanks again!
  4. Andrew2944r

    Team SSAudio group discount on Ampere Amplifiers

    Appreciate the opportunity guys to offer great pricing for Team SSA. Aaron and the guys at SSA will get you taken care of and once again we appreciate everyone's support!
  5. Andrew2944r

    (6)13w7 and (4) SAZ4500D = 159.42db

    lol damn
  6. Andrew2944r

    How to connect subwoofers

    Drill a hole between the chamber for the speaker wire and seal it up with silicone.
  7. Andrew2944r


    Anyone with any experience with the sub? How do they sound, and how much power were you feeding it?
  8. Andrew2944r


    If Rob has the new 380's available I would run two of those, those alts are beastly.
  9. Andrew2944r

    CDT Component Setup

    DLS sound great, unless you wanted to run the CDT HD's
  10. Andrew2944r

    Anyone want to see some real power?

    good looking performance
  11. Andrew2944r

    My new IA demo

    Nothing better that a walled Chevy truck
  12. Andrew2944r

    strapping saz's

    Do yourself a favor and buy a maxxlink, best thing in the world for strapping these amps!
  13. Andrew2944r

    For Diablo........And Jacob

    Ouch that sucks
  14. Andrew2944r

    Alternator Help

    http://www.dcpowerinc.com/ Call and talk with Dave or Robbie you wont regret it...
  15. Andrew2944r

    3 WMD18D2's or AQHDC318's

    AQ's 18 - 19 cubes 19 - 20 sq inch of port per cube 2 - 3k watts per sub Or check out DC Audio lvl 4 xl's
  16. You can always go bigger with the lvl 6, lol
  17. A nice powermaster 2400 up front would be great
  18. Andrew2944r

    Anybody here a member of Hauntworld?

    Yes I lived in a house with Spirits also..... Grey Goose JD Crown lool
  19. Andrew2944r

    Which would you choose?

    SS RL-p 18
  20. Andrew2944r

    Inside scoop

    I allready know a few but I want the pictures lol
  21. Andrew2944r

    Inside scoop

    paypal info plz
  22. Andrew2944r

    electrical question

    Yeah keep the amp @ 1 ohm and you should be okay and depending on what 2 batterys you get...
  23. I have ran both Company Alts and Sold both of there alts and went with http://www.dcpowerinc.com/
  24. Andrew2944r

    Big Boy/Monster/Nightmare sub updates?

    Get the 411 on the SAZ-5k's too, haha
  25. Andrew2944r

    Sundown Audio's Results

    Good job fellas