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  1. No matter how many times it's told, there are always nonbelievers; assuming because you have a hole in an enclosure, it is ported, yes your enclosure has a hole in it but it is not a properly vented box, what you have is a leaky sealed box, and sadly it lacks the good things gained when you properly port a enclosure. Here is a technical understanding: http://www.bodziosoftware.com.au/PORTS.pdf
  2. Duran

    95 Honda Accord Build Crossfire XS-V2 18"

    Letting it break in won't make it anymore abuse tolerant.
  3. Duran

    Higher Xmax than 27mm option

    You really aren't going to gain much. There is no correlation between high xmax and SPL.
  4. Duran

    Why do subs with a d2 coil have more BL?

    No. It's not audible or more hard hitting.
  5. Duran

    Dustcap color options

    I'll warn you though, my last drivers that had the black painted baskets chipped off very easily.I was told that was a small batch of baskets that did not bake properly. I was informed the issue is resolved now.
  6. Duran

    Dustcap color options

    All baskets are now black.
  7. My 4 year old lives my metal; Motionless In White, A Day To Remember, The Browning, etc.
  8. Duran

    Epic trolling

    He uploaded the video. It's his video.Sure is some EPIC trolling. Lol.
  9. Wattage depends on many things. Here is a formula that may help. W=V*A And don't forget about efficiency.
  10. Duran

    sp4 vs fully loaded sp4

    Post a few pictures. We could tell you.
  11. Duran

    EVIL Tahoe | Mark's SSA DEMO MACHINE **new pics p8**

    Because it's an open space cabin. For Mark's needs perhaps a 6th order, but BP'ing a 4th order would be a waste of wood.Until all options are explored, there is no right answer or end-all option, I was merely trying to encourage others to tell me why they asked Mark what enclosure he would go with.
  12. Duran

    EVIL Tahoe | Mark's SSA DEMO MACHINE **new pics p8**

    Better question, why not a bandpass?
  13. Duran

    Sewn in leads?

    Not if I recall correctly.
  14. Duran

    Anyone ever heard one of these?

    It's a Sean Belanger project. That's enough reason for me to stay away from it.
  15. Duran

    Fi build processes?

    Darn, you beat me to the video. I suggest you research some thermodynamics.
  16. Duran

    Fi build processes?

    Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T379IVLMxWQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  17. Duran

    Fi build processes?

    Based on this post, you need to research how loudspeakers work.No, they won't make a video. There are trade secrets involved in the build process.
  18. Duran

    Cloud77 please read.

    I'm not sending you a message, I just told you how to fix it.
  19. Duran

    Cloud77 please read.

    The claim should have been handled through the shipper first, it is a process that takes a few weeks but it would have gotten you your refund, and you could have kept the sub. You are handling this all wrong.
  20. No, don't quit talking, ever. Just don't help perpetuate this myth. Car audio is full of this crap. This site is supposed to help people. When certain things are said (in error) all they do is keep the dumb people dumber. I have no doubt you understand this thread, just be careful with what you say as you will confuse the crap out of others.Okay I like you. You are a chill dude. Do you know how to create battery terminals from scratch? You need to just private message him.
  21. Duran

    18" Fi SSD $200 shipped

    Sean is the unofficial SSA dealer for Michigan, plenty of people will vouch for him, myself included.
  22. Duran

    Favorite Peanut butter

    I normally eat Sun butter, it is made from sunflower seeds; as my daughter is allergic to peanut butter.
  23. Duran

    18" Fi SSD $200 shipped

    Thank you.
  24. Duran

    18" Fi SSD $200 shipped

    I made that cap, the caps directly from Fi are dry carbon not made by me.