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  1. I read what sundown says but I also know that is just a base line, that is why I was hoping some people had some and could give me some info on how they running them.
  2. reason looking for team 12s is I need some high power 12s, im running a ampere audio Tfe ( I could add another tfe also) , I do have strong electrical, but 15s im trying to stay away from because in order to face them forward and seal off I would need to cut into a support brace and I don't want to do that. I was talking to the guys at audio innovations and came up with 12s would work best, and being high power handling 12s limits me some.
  3. Since my lvl 5 12s are out im making move im looking, at the team 12s, but I cant find many vids or users talking about it. Any one who has some experience with them please chime in box size, port area etc... thank you., im running a Ampere audio Tfe, Electrical is Dc270xp and juicebox Lithium battery.
  4. have you ever thought about switching to juicebox lithium battery. would be a huge weight savings. the 80ah battery with the alts you can run both those amps off just 1 of the batteries.
  5. Awesome work indeed
  6. Thanks everyone, sorry late reply but I'm over seas so been getting everything bought for my new build in May when back in Cali
  7. sorry wrong area.
  8. sorry wrong area can close thread please.
  9. Hi my name is michael, I am new here and figured this would be best place to get help. I have 2012 fusion, I want to add these 15s I understand the box will have to be built in the trunk and will pretty much take it all up. I will be putting the batteries in the spare tire well. I will be running DC power 270Xp. Min of 2 runs pos/ negative 0 gauge from front to rear and probley the NS-1 amp. I have around 45 inches in length, 18 High, and 25 deep. I have been doing some research and it looks possible and many cars have 2 15s but just trying to get others opinions. I know it gonna be hard but I figured might as well do it right the first time. Thank you for taking time to look and for any input.
  10. Hi my name is michael from Fresno Ca. I have 2012 fusion right now, simple set up of some Type R's until I decide route for real build. I hope to learn a lot and thank you ahead of time for looking.