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  1. Hey guys, Got a huge tear on my SA-8 :'( Is this repairable? if so, what glue would be the best to fix with? thanks in advance
  2. tnynyn

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    Hi guys, Quick question, I just got my SA-8 and will be bridging ch 3&4 on the SAX 100.4 to power it (~320w @ 4ohm). I read the box size recommendation post (1.25ft^3 for around 325w) can I go smaller say .8ft^3? Will it still sound good with that amount of power?
  3. tnynyn

    100.4 - Different Freq?

    The amp is dedicated for my mids only (2 speakers). Im bridging it to two channels.. Left side on channel 1+2 and right side on 3+4. The LPF on channel 1+2 isnt the same as channel 3+4 which really messes up my mids. The right side has more 'sound' then the left side when both are set to LPF...which is why i was wondering if there was a way I can use the LPF on ch 3+4 for both speakers without hooking both speaker wires to channel 3+4 terminals (which changes the resistance).
  4. tnynyn

    100.4 - Different Freq?

    For the second question, I have the 100.4 bridged to 2 channel. Left speaker is on channel 1+2, right speaker on channel 3+4. if, for example, i plug the rear output rca from hu into channel 3+4, should both left and right speakers be playing? it seems that I have the older version, so the LP crossovers on channel 3+4 is better than on ch 1+2. I would like to use ch3+4 lp on both speaker, but cannot wire both speakers to just channel 3+4 due to resistance change.
  5. tnynyn

    100.4 - Different Freq?

    When the 10x switch is on, does this apply to both HPF and LPF? or just the one that the switch is "lined" to? Also, something I've been thinking about lately, When bridged to two channel, if RCAs are plugged into ONLY channel 3 and 4, should I be hearing from the speakers that is bridged on channel 1 and 2?
  6. tnynyn

    Did I bridge this correctly?

    Ah ok, thank you. I will leave it at that since I've spent the last entire week installing the amps (trying to make it a stealth install, which came out pretty well).
  7. tnynyn

    Did I bridge this correctly?

    Would I just lose left and right fading? Any other problems that can arise to this if I just leave it? I think I might of figured out my problem. I also have the rear speakers powered by the HU (AVIC-D3) so I think the HU see that as my right while the RCA output as my left. When I fade all the way to the left, both my front mids and left rear speaker play; If i fade all the way to the right, only the rear right speaker play. I guess it would be better if I just disconnect the rears but I like to have it for passengers.
  8. tnynyn

    Did I bridge this correctly?

    OK heres a quick drawing of my current connections/setup. Main question is, are my RCAs to amp #2 correct the way they are connected (CH1+3 and 2+4)? If I connect the RCAs on amp #2 as CH1+2 and 3+4, then only CH 3+4 will play.
  9. I have it powering 2 speakers in 2 channel mode bridged. One speaker is on channel 1 (Positive) channel 2 (negative) One speaker is on channel 3 (Positive) channel 4 (negative) RCAs: One line to channel 1+3 (using Y-splitter) One line to channel 2+4 (using Y-splitter) It seems to be working fine, but I am unsure about RCA connection, Did I connect it right? From what I've read, if in bridged mode, then all RCAs need to be filled via Y-Splitters. If I have it hooked up as 1+2 and 3+4, then only 3+4 will play (this is coming from the MIDS input of the HU as I am using the 4 channel to power my mids in bridged mode)
  10. tnynyn

    Help with amp setting on two SAX 100.4

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Guess I'll start with M5's advice and will contact atsaubrey if I need further help? Where in SoCal are you located atsaubrey? Before I begin, are my settings on the amps correct? (i.e. mode, range?)
  11. Just finished wiring up my car and I'm kinda confused about the settings on the amp. Heres my setup: SAX 100.4 (#1) Bridged 1&2 = Left Mid Bridged 3&4 = Right Mid SAX 100.4 (#2) Ch 1 - Left Tweeter Ch 2 - Right Tweeter Ch 3&4 = Saved for future sub Ok from my previous installed with a Pioneer Premiere 860MP running actively, I know where I want my Xovers to be at, but I just dont know how set that on the amp. Its been four years since I last setup my system. I recently swapped headunits to a Pioneer Avic D3 and now will be going passive. Heres how I had it set on the 860MP: Low : LPF=50Hz Mids: HPF=63Hz / LPF=2kHz High: HPF=2.5kHz How would I adjust those settings onto the amp? I tried the follow, but not really sure: Amp #1 (mids): Both Ch1&2 and 3&4 set to LPF Crossover turned up less than half way (I assumed half was ~250hz) with range set at x10 HPF is set at a little above 50Hz Not sure about LPF?? Amp #2 (tweeters): Ch 1&2 set to HPF Crossover at ~half-way w/ ranges at x10 Not sure about the rest? I'm sure I did it wrong so any suggestions/advice would be helpful. Also, do I connect the LINE OUT of both amps together or is that not needed?