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  1. I got my hids from ddm tuning also you would probably need to get the relay harness with it but you can get all that shipped for about $60.
  2. Drew513Ryder

    2005 tahoe road to 150+ db

    Get it installed yet?
  3. Drew513Ryder

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    I'll help out if you need it, what you been you too shoot me a text.
  4. Drew513Ryder

    2013 Tundra Build (slow)

    Look good, clean work
  5. Drew513Ryder

    Two State Titles for DSS

    Congrats on the wins!
  6. Drew513Ryder

    (4) 18" DC Level 4's and (2) DC 3.5k's

    Everything is looking good.
  7. Drew513Ryder

    Hello All

  8. Drew513Ryder

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Nice video, everything came out nice the doors look really clean.
  9. Drew513Ryder

    2005 tahoe road to 150+ db

    lol I was going to say something but didn't want it to come off the wrong way.
  10. Drew513Ryder

    SANdowns vErsus DEEcee!!1!

  11. Drew513Ryder

    6 18's 60k Yukon

    I like the black wheels. Always thought about doing all black wheels but was afraid I wouldn't like them after I painted them.
  12. Drew513Ryder

    How our Crew rolls? Idk.....

    Nice, Like the color on the mustang and is the blazer static or bagged.
  13. Drew513Ryder

    new guy from northern illinois

    Welcome, I do autobody for a living also.