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  1. i wish i had 1/4 of your skillz dude. :drool:
  2. dwright27

    dual xcon 18 enclosure

    nice box.
  3. dwright27

    My F-150 Build NO 56K!!!!!

    ive got a 29 hz hairtrick vid with the MT 18 on 1500 RMS
  4. dwright27

    expedition With 3rd row

    elaborate please.
  5. dwright27

    My F-150 Build NO 56K!!!!!

    idk guys ... black paint with a few coats of clear is gonna go nice with it
  6. dwright27

    expedition With 3rd row

    thinking of painting the port tomorrow. not sure atm though lmk what you guys think.
  7. dwright27

    My F-150 Build NO 56K!!!!!

    started my other a-pillar got more bondo and sanding to do before they go back in. not much longer before they get painted though.
  8. dwright27

    expedition With 3rd row

    Started this box Saturday evening for a customer. He has an 03 or 06 or something Expedition with the 3rd Row and was wanting something custom back there. first thought was to do a fiberglass amp rack in between teh woofers. After an initial test fit it was outta the question. Circles arent perfect as my jasper jig wont be here until tomorrow and i still have a few more things to do before he pics it up tomorrow. Round over a few more things and sand all my wood filler down, as well as put the carpet on it. sory i didnt get many pics, was trying to get it done ... onto the pics. every screw was countersunk and most were hand tightened. its sub back port up because of space. 10" max at the top where the seats go back. 3 - 3.5 cubes after displacements with double baffle. tuned @ 35 hz with 36 square inches of port. was gonna do 60 sqaure inches but the length of the port was too long. its a wedge and we are doing trim panels eventually when he gets the extra money.
  9. dwright27

    Steve's Mach 5 IXL-10 Project

    nice old school amps back there
  10. dwright27

    My F-150 Build NO 56K!!!!!

    really started on the a-pillars yesterday. got one of them done and back in, fitted with a 4" Kicker. Streched muh fleece and did a little glassing. Theyre strong as it sits and i got a few low spots on thre that i needa fill and sand and chit but FOR NOW im happy until they end up with more work put into em. Plan on covering them in a vinyl or suede. not sure yet or when it will be done though. onto the pikchaz
  11. i meant low - mid 140s around 40 hz and higher with a good install and a nice bit of amp power/cone area.
  12. most set-ups you will hear on the street are low - mid 140's. 1540 is UBER loud for a daily driver.
  13. dwright27

    What I Learned at College

    link to school website? that looks FUN AS fudge!!!!!
  14. dwright27

    did more damage than what I thought...

    my guess is clipping to a point.
  15. dwright27

    2 Fi BTL 12's In 2002 Supercab Ranger Edge

    times 2 best for ext. cab trucks imo