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  1. Obviously you are a bit short cited in your whole thought on this process...

    Obviously your arrogance has certainly gotten the best of you.

    My questions were just a questions. They were extremely concise and you didn't answer them directly. I'll ask again.

    What have you accomplished in the realm of car audio? Have you had any sort of direct involvement in car audio competition?

  2. Do not buy from them. Nate isn't a nice guy. I had to drive to his house to get my situation straightened with him after he kept dodging me on the internet and phone. Every alternator I've had from him has failed (two different vehicles). I tried time after time to give him the benefit of the doubt by sending back my broken alternators to him and they kept breaking and leaving my in a bad spot. I'm back to using my factory alt now. He used to delete posts on Realm of Excursion when people had trouble with his alts or said anything negative about his products.




  3. I'm just not sold on your approach and your bizarre claims. If you've spent "15 years continually engineering" your product, why is your website not even a year old? Where are all of these "thousands of satisfied customers"? I've never heard of your company, and I"m sure almost everyone on here hasn't either. You've seem to come out of thin air with a company legacy.

    There seems to be almost no product description involving its specifications, why is that?

    Can you expand of bit on the following claims taken from your website. These are pretty bold.

    "best sound deadening materials in the world" Why is that?

    "went above and beyond all others in the sound deadening field" How?

    I've also heard many people says "if it comes on a roll, its roofing material". What is you opinion of this? Is this your own product?

    "Sound destroyer Mat has managed to push our way to the top." Really? What is your market share in this industry?