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  1. KickinAudio

    Brand new SSA store.

    Lookin good
  2. KickinAudio

    4th order build continued (M5)

    Obviously your arrogance has certainly gotten the best of you. My questions were just a questions. They were extremely concise and you didn't answer them directly. I'll ask again. What have you accomplished in the realm of car audio? Have you had any sort of direct involvement in car audio competition?
  3. KickinAudio

    4th order build continued (M5)

    ///M5, For credibility sake and those that aren't familiar with you, what are your accomplishments in car audio? Are you a shop owner? Have you built notable SPL and/or SQ competition builds?
  4. Do not buy from them. Nate isn't a nice guy. I had to drive to his house to get my situation straightened with him after he kept dodging me on the internet and phone. Every alternator I've had from him has failed (two different vehicles). I tried time after time to give him the benefit of the doubt by sending back my broken alternators to him and they kept breaking and leaving my in a bad spot. I'm back to using my factory alt now. He used to delete posts on Realm of Excursion when people had trouble with his alts or said anything negative about his products. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/general-discussion/159198-do-not-buy-excessive-amperage.html http://www.floridaspl.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3547 http://www.caraudio.com/forums/buyer-seller-feedback/320241-excessive-amperage-has-my-money-my-alternator.html
  5. KickinAudio

    EXOcontralto's video of my XCONS

    Sweet. Good to see EXO back at it again.
  6. KickinAudio

    Mark LaFountain's SPL Build *Vid3 p.15*

    Do it do it
  7. Elite Summer Nationals Saturday, August 7th, 2010 Drift, sound and car show. http://www.elitesummernationals.com
  8. KickinAudio

    dynomat xtreme or second skin

    KickinAudio's bias is different. His is based on friendship. Easy with the fallacies there kiddo. I've been involved with car audio for 10 years, so I speak based on experience. No e-thugging here.
  9. KickinAudio

    dynomat xtreme or second skin

    Second Skin. Don't listen to M5 he's admittedly biased.
  10. KickinAudio

    Second Skin USACi Video is up

    Yea its weird seeing you in different parts of the country haha. I would have never known that was you unless you said something.
  11. KickinAudio

    Second Skin USACi Video is up

    Nice video, looks like a lot of fun!
  12. KickinAudio

    SecondSkin SPL Tiles

    Got some of these in.. and I was pretty impressed. I was so impressed I put it up to the ultimate sound deadner stress test.... a proper pint. The foil is crazy stiff. They come in 6" x 10" pieces.
  13. KickinAudio

    Another door question :)

    I'd start with a few SPL tiles: http://www.secondskinaudio.com/products/cld-spl-vibration-damping-tiles.php Cheaper and thicker. Can't beat it! Post up your results when you apply some.
  14. KickinAudio

    Toyota Corolla