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    Crescendo Audio Back Order?

    DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, THEY ARE LYING THIEVES!!!! I'm coming upto almost a year now of waiting for my items, I've asked for a refund that many times and they have said they will ship it out countless times and sorry this and that but they are an absolute joke even Navid himself. Spoke to him after I layed everything on the table in sequence to him and he said it was someone working for him that was stuffing me around well now isnt that a lie. It is ridiculous it takes this much time for something and they treat me like I'm an idiot. Well now I hope they enjoy my macro'd calls to his mobile and work phone every 5 minutes, stuff me around and I'll stuff you around.
  2. Anyone having a lot of trouble getting through to anyone? I place and order 2 and a half months ago and still havent received anything, tracking number says nothing about items being shipped. Tried calling numerous times and sent so many emails, still nothing. Its become an absolute joke I've paid almost $1000 and dont have any of my items, any help would be great. Tried emailing : international@crescendo, sales@crescendo, they were quick to reply when I needed to know postage but now its impossible to get anything from them.