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  1. austinporter

    sealed off trunk help

    well see that's the thing. I thought I just sealed off the trunk badly so I closed the back seats up and put the box on the seats and it got even quieter! I think a lot of the reason I'm losing spl and airflow is because my box and port are pretty small in comparison to those guys. And I don't know the size I would have to measure later and tell you
  2. austinporter

    sealed off trunk help

    Like the setup I have now wouldnt even move a shirt
  3. austinporter

    sealed off trunk help

    I'm basically trying to get this output
  4. austinporter

    sealed off trunk help

    the dude that made it said it was tuned to 30hz but I don't think it is. 30hz isn't that loud and it hardly plays anything under it. I did a bass test and the loudest sounding note was around 40hz
  5. austinporter

    amp and sub power help

    is the Hifonics atlas Mt. Olympus amp good for an fi sp4 15? http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_32989_Hifonics-Atlas.html
  6. austinporter

    sealed off trunk help

    IT does sound much cleaner but it sounds so much quieter i dont think its even worth it.
  7. austinporter

    sealed off trunk help

    i have an FI sp4 15 in a 2007 nissan altima and recently i tried moving my box around to fire forward like a sealed off trunk. I put it as close to the cab as i could and put pillows and sheets all around the box stuffing it as well as i could, and it wasnt as loud (sounding) as firing it towards the trunk. i then folded my back seats closed and put my box in the cab on the seats so that it was completely sealed off from the trunk ( i have a small box and plan on getting a bigger better one) i tested it out and it was even quieter, like a lot quieter, it had less pressure on the ears, less airflow and everything. Ive talked to people and they say sealing off the trunk sounds way louder but when i have tried doing the same its not even close. What am i doing wrong?