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  1. Anthony Bowman

    fi X information

    What does the rms rating have to do with it? There is 0 need to give a speaker its rms power.I thought the same thing. I bought a pair of ssd's and gave them half the rms. My jl w3's where louder on the 500 watts. For that reason I sold the ssd's and stuck with the w3's. The guy who bought the ssd's is feeding them rms and the are beastly on that power. I absolutely think you should plan on feeding close to rms if you want the full potential of the speaker. I'm actually considering the fi x now or a gcon. Maybe even the new black fi day sub they got now, because I don't plan to add power, and I want to get that sub to its xmax hopefully.
  2. Anthony Bowman

    Looking for more output

    Port is 12.5 tall. It's a horn port. Flares out a little in front. And a lot inside the box.
  3. Anthony Bowman

    Looking for more output

    2014 kia forte sedan. I can't fit a MUCH bigger box. A little bigger I can fit. Box is 36w,14h, and I think 22deep. I think it's plenty big for 12's. Bigger than jl specs. And right in the range of the dcon specs. But obviously if I go to 15's I'll need a new box. Amp is jl jx1000/1
  4. Currently running JL 12w3's in a ported box @30hz with 900 watt rms. They get low and don't sound bad at all. But not real loud. Not looking to up my power, and am very curious to try a different brand. Thinking of the dcon 15's. But it will be easier to stick with 12's. So my question is will the dcon 12's give more output than my w3's on 900 watt rms in a 4 cu ft box at 30hz. Or should I just save for the 15's and a new box?? Hoping someone here had experience with the w3's and the dcon's and can chime in.