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  1. Wow! Gotta say, that this is pucking awesome! I always thought having an extended long suv like this with a crazy system in the back with a usable middle seat row and usable back window would be awesome! And this is exactly that! Super clean as well, nice rims too! Super sick ride! Would be so fun to Cruze in
  2. DylanBeatz

    XCON Questions

    I ordered 2 12" Xcon's on September 30th, hoping they ship soon, anybody know how long it takes? It's been 27 business days and they haven't answered my calls or called me back Also, will 12 gauge speaker wire work? I will power both 12's off a Rockford fosgate T2500-1bdCP. And do they need to be broken in when I hook them up originally? Or can I play them full tilt right away as long as there's no clipping?
  3. DylanBeatz

    XCON Questions

    So you're saying I can turn the volume up right away without having to go easy on the subs for a while if my voltage is good with no clipping?