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  1. I have never heard these speakers personally. A lot of people appear to enjoy the sound of them. They look fairly easy for a first build if you follow the kit. Here is a link to the kit which is what you should buy instead of trying to determine your own crossover. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-br-1-6-1-2-2-way-bookshelf-monitor-speaker-kit-pair--300-640 This looks like it will still require soldering the crossovers together, which is why I asked your knowledge of building them. It is a fairly easy crossovers with instructions and pictures included in the manual.
  2. A few questions: 1. What is your budget? 2. Are you against making your own boxes? 3. What knowledge do you have in building crossovers? If this is your first attempt at a project like this I would suggest a kit. There are numerous plans available at various price points. This is a much more difficult task than first time builders tend to think.