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  1. Miller

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I'm interested if you don't have a buyer lined up already.
  2. Miller

    Crossovers Passive vs Active

    After reading your last post, I went back through this topic and your other topic to see if anyone was a "salesman" and being "all about the money", yet I was unable to find a single reference to that. If anything, I saw most people trying to save you money by suggesting to sell a lot of equipment and use what you currently have in a different arrangement to make your experience even better. We all start out somewhere and usually it is by trying to be as loud as possible with many speakers because it has quite the "wow" factor. You being an innovator in that regard is not correct. You doing it in a Saab 900 could possibly be correct, but I have not seen every install in a Saab 900 nor does it really matter to me. What people are trying to tell you is that although they respect the install you have done, it can be made better while using the same components you have. You believe your install is achieving something amazing and is an innovation, but what people are trying to tell you is that is not possible based on physics and science. The information explains why your current install is actually hurting the overall system. No one is is trying to be a snake oil salesman. Instead they are actually trying to have you read and learn what makes a great sounding system. I understand there were some troll comments thrown around in the beginning, but since then many links and suggestions have been made to try to help you achieve the best system you can with what you currently have. Please educated yourself on the items that have been suggested. At that time, maybe you will be able to ask questions on why people are suggesting the changes they have made rather than just blow them off.
  3. Miller

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    It comes with the job. Numerous clients ask about it this time of year.
  4. Miller

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    The IRS does not accept e-filed returns until January 29th. I'm assuming that is your issue as there is no criteria for filing your personal return based on the size of the business you work for.
  5. The stock radio in my car has an RCA input hidden in the glove box. I would like to continue using the stock radio, but would like to add bluetooth to the radio instead of using an RCA to Aux cable. I had the BT-1A bluetooth receiver from parts express lying around the house, so I hooked it up to see how it would sound. It sounds like there is a lot of interference playing through it. How it is currently hooked up is just a cigarette lighter plugin to the bluetooth receiver and the RCA plugged into the stereo. What do you think is probably causing this issue? At first I thought it could be fixed using a ground loop isolator, but I have not tried this yet. After reading some information on bluetooth receivers it appears there is a issue with the power needing an isolated DC/DC converter when it is using the same power supply. Most people tend to use part MEE1S1205SC to remedy this. I haven't used many bluetooth receivers in the past so this is all fairly new to me. Any advice on what the problem may be/possible solution is greatly appreciated.
  6. I do not own this sub, so I am unable to comment on which box is "optimal", but looking at the SSA product page for it I would say the 3.5 ft^3 @ 29-34hz is what appears reasonably "optimal". Onto the drawing you are referring to. Those are outer dimensions of the box which does have a gross box volume of 7.101 ft^3. The 4.0 ft^3 is in reference to the "net" volume (volume after all displacements). It appears your calculations started out with the wrong beginning dimensions because the side walls do not make up the internal volume and you did not subtract for them. The dimensions appear to be 15.5x33.5x18.375 giving you a beginning internal volume of 5.53 ft^3. Less your calculations for the port and displacement it appears to be roughly 4.5ft^3. I do think your port calculation is incorrect and I would suggest it needs to reduce the volume closer to 1.2 ft^3. If that is used instead of your port calculation then I believe that puts the volume right around 4.15 ft^3 before taking into consideration the corner supports. I believe it would be right around 4 ft^3 according to the quick calculations I did.
  7. Over the last 8 or so years I have personally purchased or have helped family members purchase a new TV. I agree with ///M5 that back 5+ years ago I would avoid Vizio's lineup, but I believe that has changed over the years and I have actually had a few people go with that brand as their choice with success. With your criteria, I believe the most reliable brand that will have everything you want at that price point will be Vizio. The other brands I would be looking at is LG and Samsung. Sony's typically run too high priced to fit what you are after.
  8. Miller

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I play a lot of sand volleyball (I also dive... far too much) and from my experience I have given up on sunglasses for the most part. The Maui Jim's do work well, but I only have glass lenses in all of mine and the weight does not work well when diving. I owned the Oakley Gascan before switching to Maui Jim's a few years back (would never go back) and they just did not hold up. Any cheap polarized lens has done well enough although the fit is never great and the clarity is terrible. The only option I haven't tried yet is to get the Maui Jim's in a lighter lens. On top of diving, the other problem I have witnessed is people getting hit in the face and the glasses breaking. It sure would be sad to have a $200+ pair of sunglasses broken after a few games.
  9. Miller

    Building bookshelf speakers

    I have never heard these speakers personally. A lot of people appear to enjoy the sound of them. They look fairly easy for a first build if you follow the kit. Here is a link to the kit which is what you should buy instead of trying to determine your own crossover. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-br-1-6-1-2-2-way-bookshelf-monitor-speaker-kit-pair--300-640 This looks like it will still require soldering the crossovers together, which is why I asked your knowledge of building them. It is a fairly easy crossovers with instructions and pictures included in the manual.
  10. Miller

    Building bookshelf speakers

    A few questions: 1. What is your budget? 2. Are you against making your own boxes? 3. What knowledge do you have in building crossovers? If this is your first attempt at a project like this I would suggest a kit. There are numerous plans available at various price points. This is a much more difficult task than first time builders tend to think.