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  1. Sorry this took so long to reply but the amp is a soundqubed 4500d. The truck the system is going in is a Dodge Ram 3500. It's been in the shop for 2 weeks getting some tranny work done but I'll get some 2/0 ran for power when its back. Still waiting to get my subwoofer though, they said it was going to take awhile being the holiday season.. I did make some progress a couple weeks ago Igot my ohio gen 300amp alternator installed and it's working good. Anyone with this sub have any box suggestions?
  2. I've got a buddy with 3 evils in a wall in his Camry on 12k watts... made me an evil believer!! Lol. I love that they're made by FI, how long have they been around now? 15 years? As fas as my build goes, I've got a quad cab dodge 3500 that I'm gonna put it in. Taking out one of the rear seats on the driver side, 4th order bolted to the ground with the port pointing towards the back of my head. Upgraded 6x9s in the doors and running a zapco 4 channel 400 watt BLuetooth. Just ordered a 300amp Ohio gen alternator so that should be here by the end of the week. Still need to do my big 3. And I've got a 22ah limited lithium battery im going to be putting in the storage compartment underneath the remaining flip up bench seat in the back along with a dry cell under the hood so I should have good electrical.
  3. Hello everybody, new to the forum so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I just placed an order last week and my order says awaiting shipping. I saw there was a build time of 3 weeks for the evil 18, is that a current build time or an approximation? Also what are some opinions on the 4500.1 soundquebed amp? Can the evil take more or will this be a good long term amp? Should I break the sub in at 3k rms for a few weeks let the spiders loosen up or can I wire it down to 1 ohm right off the bat thanks