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  1. Dodge Magnum

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I was looking at sundown products and I was wondering about sponsers where do I look for
  2. Dodge Magnum

    Enclosure reccomendations for a single Zv4 15

    J.P at down 4 sound.com He is a very good enclosure builder just give him the measurements, type of sub and he does a great job.
  3. Dodge Magnum

    Crescendo 5500 and a team sundown 18.

    Sounds like a plan
  4. Can I get some ssa decals to put on my charger for advertising for you.
  5. Dodge Magnum

    New to SSA

    I like going to car audio shows I would like to upgrade I will be at every show I'm obligated to.
  6. Dodge Magnum

    New to SSA

    Is it hard to get a sponsorship with ssa
  7. Dodge Magnum

    New to SSA

    New to ssa I'm already using sundown zv5-12 with a scv 2000.1 sundown amp I've been hooked on ssa products ever since.
  8. Dodge Magnum

    'How to behave on an internet forum'

    I only use the internet for ordering and look for car audio shows.
  9. Dodge Magnum

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Johnathon Price sold me my amp and sub. I want to upgrade so I can be in more shows. I'm already running sundown audio decals already my 08 charger is being used for car audio shows I'm retired so going on the road would be no problem.