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  1. camberJ

    Bass so LOUD it changes his LIFE.

    nice. seems like he was blown away
  2. camberJ

    A few of my pics

    fantastic shots. good job on this
  3. camberJ

    Shogen's Photos...

    great shots
  4. camberJ


    Welcome! Sounds interesting set up on your Ranger.
  5. camberJ

    New looking for ideas

    Thank you Bill. Yeah someone here mentioned about line output converter. Might go with that route.
  6. camberJ

    New looking for ideas

    Thank you for the welcomes. The budget is tight right now so I have to wait for the wifey's go signal. The radio seems fine but we'll see about that.
  7. camberJ

    New looking for ideas

    Hey peeps, glad to see this board! I just got my dream truck, 2010 Ford Raptor Crew Cab and would like to upgrade the audio system. Might got some ideas around here so I signed up.