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  1. Jeremy90

    Bracing and sealing sunroof without welding

    What if/can i put in a stripper pole really want to get the escalade
  2. Can this be done without welding i want to put 6 18s in a 6th order inside a escalade esv but im worried about the sunroof
  3. I'll have to get one I appreciate all the help.. it's a 1998 Plymouth voyeger and the deck is pioneer I got from a scrap yard by my house it was used an iv owed it for a couple years now.. question tho if I leave it hard wired an take the face off will it still draw power
  4. Had to disconnect my radio for trouble shooting and when I hooked it back up with yellow to yellow red to red it dosnt wont to power on unless it's hard wired yellow to red.. I have a extra orange (illumination) wire left can't remember if it was hooked up or not please help so I don't have to take my deck out everytime
  5. Damn I guess I'll put the battary bank on hold until I get a new car thanks everybody for the feed back
  6. What little work I'm putting into it is worth it to me for bumps for the mean time probably take me about 6 months to save for a new car.. at what point should I charge the bank how low should I let them get before I top them off I really don't know much about maintaining a battary bank
  7. I don't want to get a alt because I'm getting a new car ordered my wire fuses heat shrink yesterday still need buss bar charger an batts then all the big stuffs done
  8. I was going to get a volt meter for the rear bank an monitor them if they look low I'll charge them up do you think that's a bad idea?
  9. My alt sucks and I was going to use the charger to maintain the batts and take some stress off my alt
  10. Also what size fuses do I need total amp hour in battary bank 580 55ah in the front 525 in the back amp is audio qubed q1 7000
  11. All together there will be 5 105ah battarys on a buss bar I noticed they have a cheaper version of the one iv been recommended just wondering what makes this so special an is it worth the extra $100 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0045F3SGY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_9p1Tyb2YMB2WY?tag=vs-auto-convert-amazon-20