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  1. Is the average wait time 21+ business days? getting antsy lol
  2. Placed an order for the ICON. The waiting game is rough lol. Almost a month, but I know it'll be worth it.
  3. Whoa that's insane lol
  4. This is what I just needed to hear. ICON it is! Thanks
  5. Thanks! That's good to hear. The price difference between the Icon and XCON isn't that much and needed to know if the SQ is on par with the ICON or better. But then again, I'm trying to save money in a way because I need to purchase a big 3 kit as well. The ICON might just be it. Awesome!
  6. will be powering them @ 1200 rms How's the SQ of the XCON compare to the ICON?