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  1. I was in a similar situation to you too. My hyundai had the navigation package and I didn't feel like replacing it because it looks pretty nice. At first I tried using the audio control lc2i you linked but the truth is they don't really restore the bass like it says it does. As we know stock radios have some sort of eq's that lower the low end of the bass to protect speakers. With the lc2i I could definitely tell this was the case because the bass would be very peaky, especially around 50-60hz it was like I had bass boost on or something. I decided I didn't like the lc2i so I bought a Fiio e17k headphone amp & dac. I used some velcro to mount it near my seat and then used a 3.5mm to rca splitter from the "line out" on the fiio to send rca's to the back of the car. I then connect my phone to the Fiio e17k via usb so that the fiio does all the dac wizardy (also use a hi-fi music player on your phone like Hi-by music or USB Audio Pro). Later on I added an audio control three.2 line driver/eq/crossover because I added a 4 channel amp and wanted on the fly eq settings. My current setup is Phone via usb otg >> Fiio e17k alpen via rca's >> audio control three.2 >> mono and 4 ch amp. You don't really need the AC three.2 i bought at all really and the fiio e17k alpen 2 is about the same price as the lc2i and sounds a TON better because it uses far better DAC chips than the stock stereo does most likely and does not have some dumb eq settings to protect the speakers like a stock radio does. For a remote turn for the amps I just tapped into a 12 volt fuse that turns on/off with the car and ran the wire through the car along with my 0gauge power wire. Hope this helps!
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