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  1. 86monte496

    hey fellas

    I feel very welcome around here
  2. 86monte496

    hey fellas

    new around here but not so new to the audio game, just figured I would join up as I have lurked these and other audio forums for years Tried to respond to a fs topic I posted and wasn't able to so I figure maybe I needed to post here first? any ways.. I'm Josh and current "audio project" is my dd 2004 Silverado 1500 single cab with 2 10'' sa's on a brutus 1700 wired parallel in a 4th order
  3. 86monte496

    Wtb amp

    Looking for something that will out out 2k at 2ohms or 2k at .5 reliably Probably most interested in older. Kicker amps, must ship or be really close to Sarasota fl