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  1. Anyone know of a good online place to buy audiocontrol stuff ? i was going to purchase a dq-61 and and epicenter for a great price from an authorized dealer. Pretty much the price of eBay . But seems like the guy now doesn't want to sell it to me at that price. I don't need it installed just want to purchase both units . I'm like anyone else just looking for a great deal . But don't want to get burned on fake or used stuff. Yes I completely understand that audiocontrol won't honor warranty if it's not purchased form authorized dealer. But I have not had any issues with any of there stuff in the past. Anyway just wondering if any of you have purchased any audiocontrol from online retailers without any issues? or know of any shops that will sell at a great price? thank you. I apologize if I posted this on the wrong section
  2. Funnytoe

    Sundown 8" subs ev3 or sa

    Space is my enemy on my truck. It has to stay under the seat . The area under the seat is also wedge not flat so the tallest wall would be the face9.5"inches tall the back is 4.5 tall 16"deep 55" wide but it does have a hump in the middle. Very small about 3/4" and 10" wide one of the main reasons I bought the premade JL audio box cause of the limited space I have .
  3. Funnytoe

    Sundown 8" subs ev3 or sa

    Like I said I have been out of the audio game for a long time . I haven't heard of "SSA" subs till now . I do like that they are made in the USA . I will have to keep my eye out for when they start selling the new 8" subs . Still wondering what would sound best 1 or 2 considering the 800 watts I'm running? i don't plan on going any bigger just want to get my truck to sound great . Thank you you guys for the suggestions on the SSA subs
  4. Hi guys and gals first post not new to the car audio world but been out of it for a long time . I already have a system in my 2010 Silverado crewcab . I'm running the JL audio stealth box with 2 JL 10w3 subs that came with it . About 800 watts rms . I had the same amp with the same subs in my other car but with a custom ported box . Wow I loved that system . But in my truck I was limited on space and the JL audio prebuilt sub box was just very convenient and ready for installation so I went that direction. Yes it very nice and decent but after 6 years I'm ready for more . I want to keep the box under the rear bench seat but I know that running my 2 JL 10"s might not be possible in a ported box underneath the rear seat. So now I'm looking to purchase some sundown 8" subs . But I was wondering what would sound better? im not looking for spl . Just clean hard hitting bass . I listen to all kinds of music everything from classic rock ,old school rap ,reggae, edm, metal . Lol since it's not about hitting spl numbers at the show but enjoying my music inside my truck I was wondering with my current amp doing around 800 watts rms what would sound better? 2 ev3 subs or 1 sa sub ? ported box on either.