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  1. yayo86

    Wanted Twisted Sounds 150.4 amp

    At what page SSA?
  2. Im looking for a second twisted sounds 150.4 amp new or used but with minimum blemishes.
  3. I was running active from HU. Some tweeters do come with caps
  4. ///M5 I already updated the HU & got some rockford fosgates prime tweeters for now. I turned off the the crossovers on the HU and using the amp settings for now see what happens. Randal Johnson i always had the tweeters at 3k at first and moved to 5k when installed the prime tweeters but decided to turn off the HU crossovers
  5. I'm gonna update the firmware on the HU later and see what happens. If still damaging speakers should I better off purchasing a new deck or install OEM HU and add a DSP? I know Kenwood HU years back were having issue with RCA outputs where they just stopped working and Alpines weren't good either.
  6. I guess yeah it could be the HU. I have a other pioneer that purchased last year installed on my challenger and on first day it froze for few minutes thin started working. Its done it couple times the first month and was good and froze again last week.
  7. That sucks. I have this unit for a while now and purchased the amp early last year used, no issues until now.
  8. Few days ago i went to pick up my suv from my aunts house since ive had it there stored for few months. On my way back i notice my “RE XXX” tweeters stopped playing, so i thought for some reason they got damaged not knowing why when they were playing fine before vehicle being stored. I removed them and tested them just incase a wire was pinched and they didn’t play so I tossed them. I installed some new alpine type x tweeters yesterday that i pulled out from my truck and tonight on my way to work they stopped playing, it looks like they also got damaged. Im using a pioneer avh x4700bs on active mode, highs setting on 5k,12 slope and have my hertz hdp4 setting on full. I play music between 25-36 out of 40 and gains are half way on amp.
  9. I have 4 Evil 6.5's, would running 2 per door and just tweeters up on the A pillars be bad? I do look forward on purchasing the Dayton DSP. The thing that sucks is that I already have a 4ch & mono block twisted sounds amplifiers and they went out business so I won't be able to get a other 4ch if I do a pair of 6.5 per door. I don't really look forward on changing amps unless I have to, I don't like the look of mismatched amps. On my sisters challenger i did a 3 way active sounded good but gonna have to get a better DSP for it "Bitone thumbs down".
  10. Might go the 2 way route because the 3” mids dont look right on the skinny pillars
  11. I purchased some used SSA Evil mids,tweeters and ampere audio 3” mid range last week. Im gonna be adding the tweeters and mid range to the A pillars and mid bass to the doors instead of kick panels. The alpines im gonna install in my 4runner or in my pops tacoma. the dayton audio dsp looks interesting probably well purchased in few weeks.
  12. Looks like the dayton audio might be a good one. was kinda thinking of adding the tweeter on A pillar or in the A/C vents.
  13. Good to know. What would be a good affordable dsp? I already have a Bitone but aint gonna use it too many issues with it and dont wanna spend that money anymore.
  14. I thought itll be fine as long it has the 10x switch?