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  1. Few months back i installed the dsp on my vehicle and after few weeks of setting it up the mid bass dont play music sometimes after about 10-20 minutes then start playing. Also all the time left channels play music very low that you barely hear them then after 20 minutes they play fine. Once vehicle is turned off and turned back on after a while ill have the same issue again or they be playing fine. 2007 4runner, HU pioneer x4700bs, RCAs stinger 8000,helix dsp.3s, arc audio xdi 6ch & mono amp, peerless ne25vts tweeters, audison voce mids & lows and memphis m5 10s subs. System is ran active.
  2. It was the DSP. I ran the RCAs from HU straight to the amps and no more issues. brand audiodynamics 68
  3. Few months back I started to get strange sounds through my speakers like, white noise, speakers popping, buzz, thumping or like when you disconnected a RCA and accidentally ground the male tip. It does this everyday then the music stops playing but could hear a low floor noise & stereo still be counting down like if it’s playing music. It wont play music until i turn off vehicle & turn back on and sometimes it wont still play. I sent out the DSP because sometimes when this happens the controller for DSP sometimes dims and cutoff, the technician said there’s nothing wrong with the DSP. My head unit is a pioneer x4700bs & im using stinger 8000 series rcas
  4. yayo86

    So many brands, Which battery is preferred?

    I ended up going with the Deka AGM batteries, so far there good.
  5. Im planning on putting 2 batteries under the hood for my 1990 mazda b2200 sound system soon. Gonna have little over 4k watts rms, i already upgraded the alternator to a 300 amp. I could get optima or diehard platinum cheap from my friend but im open to other brands.
  6. Yeah they usually get back fast, I’ll message them tomorrow.
  7. Issue is when i get home there closed. I Purchased on sale around 300+
  8. The DSP aint working correctly on low input only on BT mode. On low mode only ch1/2 work rest aren’t playing, BT mode all play perfectly. I sent back to AD & was told there is nothing wrong that all outputs on low mode are working . other issue i get a clock ticking sound from ch 1 & BT keep cutting off every few seconds or minutes.
  9. Gonna have to check them out. It’s strange how both amps have same issue. Also how theres a static sound when moving RCA plug on amp RCA input.
  10. Have no idea what happened, solder looks good. I hope I didn’t over heat the boards on both amps and damaged them.
  11. Both my amps were working fine “twisted sounds 150.4”, but since one of the rcas outputs broke off I decided to change all to Tiffany style rcas. My issue i’m having now when I try to adjust the fader on HU to front the rear speakers still play but little lower & vise versa & balance is the same issue. Also when I turn on my vehicle it has engine noise through speakers now. The single solder between ch1,2 & 3,4 is + & the duals above them are grounds for 1,2,3,4.
  12. yayo86

    Wanted Twisted Sounds 150.4 amp

    At what page SSA?
  13. Im looking for a second twisted sounds 150.4 amp new or used but with minimum blemishes.
  14. I was running active from HU. Some tweeters do come with caps