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  1. Who does box designs?$$$

    How do you like the 35.1? I was looking into a 45.1 per sub, also looking into the Orion hcca 5k as they are both reasonably priced. I like the 5 k because it's over 4K rms @ 2ohms so that's good for box rise when wired at 1ohm per sub
  2. Who does box designs?$$$

    Might just build a ported box. Talked to Scott at AA/Fi and he said 7 cubes@30hz is good per sub for low end. I just can't decide to do 16 sq in or 21 sq in per cube. 21 is a number generated by a calculator to keep port velocity low. Around 150 sq in at 7 cubic foot is optimal according to the calculator giving the box volume, tuning frequency, and wattage. Also checked with another calculator that uses xmax, frequency, and box volume and get around the same results though it seems big to me, but I think I'm gonna build a 7 cube trial box and mount the port on the outside so I can just interchange the port and see what sounds the best, then use that port size and length and build a box that incorporates the port inside as well as up it to the 2 subs. Calculator says if the port area is too small it will have over 30m/s velocity at that high of wattage so you'll lose a lot of output inside the box, worth a shot I suppose.
  3. Who does box designs?$$$

    I have always built my own boxes, though have had little experience with 4th and 6th orders. 4th doesn't intimidate me as it's more forgiving and less precise than the 6th, plus there's a lot of info on them. 6th is pretty choppy on info and I'd like to try one. Standard ported isn't hard at all and sealed is pretty easy as well. I've used the 12 volt calculators before but there port lengths seem to very from other websites, one being car stereo.com. I don't feel like dropping the $160 on bbp6 so I'd rather pay a smaller fee and have someone design it for me with modeled results rather than a blind build on my own. Plus Ive got two AA team 18's going in it so I'd rather pay someone with experience and proven results than experiment on my own and have two big ass paperweights.
  4. Looking for an expert builder to design a subwoofer box for me. Who's a good choice at a decent price?
  5. AA Team box help!!

    Does anyone know if those evil recones would work if I wanted to go that route?
  6. AA Team box help!!

    Nice box, I was aiming to keep the port frequency around the fs of the sub, but like I said there's really not a lot of info on the subs and few videos or forums about the newer 18's. Nice subs though. I got a good deal for $1k shipped so I couldn't pass it up, was gonna do sp4 or evils but figured I'd give these a shot, not sure but I my possibly be able to drop some evil soft parts in these motors but who knows? Hopefully someone will drop in for a better answer on that question.
  7. AA Team box help!!

    10 cubes sounds a bit on the smothered side for 2 of the 18's, is it 2 or just one sub?
  8. AA Team box help!!

    Well its gonna be a b-pillar wall, however, it is a cargo van with the 1 window on the sliding side door. I like demoing with rap and decaf material( for long periods of time) so I'm shooting for lower end response. I was thinking about 8 cubes per sub, 18 sqin per cube port area(slot ported, I've never really used aero ports but I'm not opposed if someone has good advice) tuned around 30-32 hz. Does anyone have experience with these subs? There really isn't a lot of information out there on the aa teams so I figured this forum looked like a good place to start.
  9. AA Team box help!!

    Just got 2 team 18's(dual 2's) and plan on putting either 2 bc5500's or one 'merica 12k on them for power. I want to do a flat wall but need a little help on what size box to use, i.e. cubic feet per sub, sq in per cube for port, aero or slot, and tuning frequency. Thanks in advance for the help! Oh and space is no issue as it's going in an Astro.