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  1. Eclipse147

    smelly sundown normal or not

    I do have rust on my magnet but everything else appears normal. If my 1200watt signal is clipping then will a clipping 1200 watts really be that bad for a sub rated for 2000+?
  2. Eclipse147

    smelly sundown normal or not

    Box is tuned to 30hz. And yes i could always just eyeball tune, it is just so weird because i see videos of this sub on 3500+ moving 4inches and my voicecoil is getting stinky at just 1200. Does anyone else get smell when running their subs propperly?
  3. Eclipse147

    smelly sundown normal or not

    Ok so I am not new to car audio but I am somewhat new to high power car audio and I have a question. Current setup: 147db in an 06 eclipse 3x optima yellow tops 2x 1/0 along with a big three stock 110a alt,(soon to be 240a) Sundown zv.4 rev2 15" 1ohm (2000 rms) ts3.5k (5k uncertified) 5 cubicft box with dual 6" aero ports My question is this, I tuned my system with an oscilloscope, the voltage reached the max of my oscilloscope with ought any clipping that I could see, I do not remember the voltage but when multiplied by my clamp meter results I got around 1200 watts that sounded fine so I left it. The problem is that any time I play one of my slightly louder songs for more than maybe a minute I do get a very small and sudden smell of what I believe to be burning voice coil. when this happens it is not much louder than the song I used to tune the system and my car voltage is only dropped down to about 13.7. Even if I was clipping though, clipping at roughly 1500 watts shouldn't even happen with a system voltage of 13.7 let alone burn a voice coil of a sub that is known to be run on 3000+ right? I heard somebody once say that their sa-15 gets smelly when they play it but it just doesn't seem right. I just feel like I am missing something or maybe just don't have much experience with higher power CA.