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  1. Crossover is right about 80 on the amplifier, the amp does have a SSF and I have that set to about 30. I tried to switch the bass ext on while listening to rap and didn't notice much of a difference. I will have to try rock and country with it on and also play with my 63hz setting while listening to that music. The only way I have been able to get decent bass response on those songs so far is by cranking my sub level up to 10. And yes, I have tried the sub phased both ways.
  2. Recommendations on coaxial

    Oooo, I do like the look of those ampere's. The thing that sucks is around here all the shops carry the same junk. So I can't really audition a variety of brands to find what I like. Thank you guys for all the suggestions though!
  3. Recommendations on coaxial

    The speakers in there now are stock AFAIK. In the past I've ran Polk DB series off HU power and thought they sounded pretty good. I'm just now getting back into the stereo game, I've been gone for like 5 years now so not sure what newer brands are out there that I haven't heard about.
  4. I prefer a more SQ oriented approach. I have all the other settings just about dialed in. I turned it on while listening to music once a couple days ago and felt like I could hear the sub bottoming out... I may turn the volume down and turn it on and slowly raise the volume to see how it sounds. I'm running an ev3 10 sundown ported on an sq1200 at 4 ohms. Box is tuned to 34hz. I have to have my sw level all the way up on the HU to get any bass on country and rock songs.
  5. I have a Kenwood ddx574bh HU and was just wondering what the bass ext function really does? The manual is pretty vague. I have it off right now just wondering if it should stay off or if I should turn it on.
  6. So the speakers in my 04 Accord just arent cutting it. I had them sounding good on rap, country, pop, etc but when it came time to play bands like a day to remember or wage war they just were super harsh. So I played with the EQ today and had to basically lower all my settings to make it bearable on the kind of music. It still sounds pretty good on other genres but just not as loud as before. In the past I have always ran coaxial and it is what I prefer for ease of installation. I've also in the past used the HU to power them. I've run Polks DB series many times and like how they sound, also I run JBLs in my gfs TL and they sound pretty good too. But I figured I'd see what you guys would recommend that would work well off HU power for the time being with the possibility of being amped in the future. I like speakers that are warm sounding. I don't want anything that is ear piercing or harsh. Right now my substage is just an ev3 10'' ported off of an AQ1200.1 seeing just over 500 watts. In the future I may go with a set of sealed 12'' DCONS off of the full 1200 that the amp can produce. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  7. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    So I was messing with the deck a day or two ago and found that the 63hz range of my 13 band EQ was all the way down, so I put it up to just above flat and it seemed to help a bit. I'm having an issue with my mids/highs that I have been trying to fix but got it under control now. Been listening to this sub for the past couple days and I just dont know if ported is for me. It's loud and hits hard for what it is. I'll just have to give it time and see how I feel come spring time. Also, this amp seems a bit strange to me. On my old setup the bass was pretty consistent song to song. but I find myself having to adjust the remote gain knob every time a new song comes on. And the gain on the actual amp is like 3/4 of the way up, just weird that even with it set so high I can still crank the remote knob all the way and have very little output on some songs.
  8. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    So going to try something tomorrow. I remembered earlier that the trunk was open when he played the sweep and song. It was slightly open because I was going to go take a video of what the sub was doing. Tomorrow I'm gonna pop it again and play the sweep and song through my phone and see how it reacts. If it plays right I'm going to experiment with my box placement.
  9. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    Yes, exactly the same song and tone sweep
  10. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    I primarily use spotify and have my settings as high as they will go. But it does this regardless of whether I play off of spotify or YouTube... I'm going to try the USB connection and see if that will help.
  11. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    UPDATE So I went to make a video of the problem so I had my buddy connect his phone so that I could record on mine. Well I had him play the sweep so I could make sure the volume was set where I wanted it. When he played it, the sub played above 50hz. So I asked him to play the song that I first noticed the problem on. Sure enough it played the higher bass note just fine. So looks like my issue is my phone. He has an iPhone and I have a Samsung galaxy s8+. Anyone have any suggestions on what I need to do with the phone? Also, something I just thought about. When I connect to the gfs car through Bluetooth it plays highs fine. Maybe it's a problem between the deck and my phone?
  12. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    Okay so had to run to Wal-Mart so I sat in the parking lot playing with settings for a little. I tried the following: Fading completely forward so the rear speakers weren't playing Reversed the subwoofer phase Changed the subwoofer slope None of this helped, going to attempt to get the box turned around firing into the cabin to see if that will help at all. If not I may just have to get used to it and wait until the new DCONS come out. 2 of those sealed off 1200 would sound pretty good more than likely.
  13. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    Hoping tomorrow I'll be off at a decent time and can mess with a few things... also does anyone have experience with the soundqubed clip indicator gain knob. It seems that output is lacking unless I have it right up to the point where it is flashing the red clip light... I know you can't hear clipping but the sub sounds good and not distorted at all.
  14. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    Thanks for all the tips guys, definitely going to try to do a few different things and see what happens. And Alton I've had several different sealed setups, the current one I'm comparing it to now is an SSA Dcon that I put in my gfs car.
  15. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    Yeah I can try to take some measurements of it to make sure it is tuned to 34, the person who built it is reputable though so I'm sure it's probably spot on. I'm also wondering if I'm having some cancellation issues or if my vehicle has strange cabin gain.