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    Good evening everybody. I have a few items to install for an Audio System upgrade; but don't know how to go about it. The Items that will be involved are -1 Distribution Block -2 Amps. -1 Capacitor. -1 Equalizer/Crossover -6 Speakers in Total (2 tweeters, 2 Front Door 6.5's, and 2 6x9's) -1 Subwoofer I'm trying to connect 2 amps; 1 for the Subwoofer and the Second for Speakers. My Aftermarket Head Unit has 3 pairs of RCA plug-ins. 1) Subwoofer 2) Front 3) Rear. How Would I connect the 6 speakers (which I'm going to rewire) to the 1st amp? Do I wire the Speakers to the Amp or Straight to the Head unit itself? Also, how would I connect the amp to the Head unit if it only has the 3 RCA plug-ins as stated above? Any advice or suggestions are Welcomed. Thanks in advance. URL: https://able2know.org/topic/434961-1
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    Someone Please Help Me

    Thanks for commenting.. I have the Big 3 upgrade. As for equipment; it goes as followed: Head Unit: Kenwood. KDC-BT555U Equalizer/Crossover: Lanzar Vibe XE3 Distributor Block: Scosche. Capacitor: Tsunami 2 Farad 20VDC As for Amps; i have a variety which Consist of... Dual XPR52 (2 Channel Amp.) Kicker DX-A250.1 (2 Channel Amp) Mmats Pro Audio E600.4 (4 Channel High Power Mosfet Amp) Boss CH2502 (2 Channel Mosfet Power Amp) Speakers: 2 Boss Tweeters, 2 6.5's Orion HCCA with Red Housing Door Speakers, 2 6×9's Almani in the Rear Deck. Subwoofer: MTX Thunder US-XT10-04 Thanks again for everyone taking part in my assembly!!
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    Someone Please Help Me

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    Someone Please Help Me