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  1. Pretty sure this will solve my problem with wanting to keep the stock deck. AudioControl LC7i https://www.crutchfield.com/p_161LC7IB/AudioControl-LC7i-Black.html
  2. Your right. and here is a curve ball.. Ive talked to PAC and Chyrsler the PAC-C2A to run my RCA and keep stock deck doesnt work in my base model chrysler 300 so what do I do!!?? Stay tagged into stock deck? Buy aftermarket deck and completely replace... OUCH thats going to cost ! Things I have FACTORY DECK STAYS. 1) Two 12' 2000W RMS Untouchable Sound Subwoofers 2) Soundstream 3500D Amplifier 3) approx 4ft 0 Gauge Power / Negative including reducers to fit current amp. *reaches back seats folded down from battery in trunk* 4) Orion 200AMP connected to the 0 Gauge power. 5) PAC-2 Bass Knob with what seems to be connected with a heavy gauge rca. 6) Two 1-1.5" tweeters american bass "I think" 7) Ported Enclosure. 8) american bass crossover?? im not sure
  3. Yes I want to stay factory radio. Not sure about the converter unless that is what the american bass box is in the dash. Yes I have x1 Mono Soundstream 3500D. Once my wiring is in order ill be upgrading AMP(S), MIDS/HIGHS, SECOND BATTERY possible alternator if needed. along with whatever misc equipment I find I need along the way. I think you right about how its wired, So what would I do to reverse this? completely start fresh and take it all out?
  4. Here is a video of all the wiring. Perhaps this will explain alot better than I can. This is the first time ive seen it personally aswell. Correct me if im wrong but i think they tied into the car from the back speakers. The wiring up front is for bass knob and tweeters. Im going to trace it all down better when I have more time today.. ALSO wouldnt those tweeters be ran on a different frequency than 6x9s in the back? I read factory wires have dif frequencys
  5. Other than dimming badly on a soundstream 3500D with stock battery/alternator is only issue ive noticed. Now if this is a contributer I dont kno. I have read that tieing into the harness like that doesnt allow full power to flow. but in the same breath I read its all controlled by the computer of the car. Bottom line my primary goal no matter what is to get my car back to factory with a PAC installed and 4 RCA ran to the trunk. Also when I think of leaving it be that just doesnt seem like a option. What if I have more than 1 amp ? what a mess. I just got off the phone with a THIRD audio shop, they think they can sauder the factory harness together and install the PAC for around 100 bucks. *they have to see it of course, this is all from phone convo*
  6. TBH Im not exactly sure untill I tear the dash out in the next day or 2. I have no factory female ends, nothing in my possession from my car. Im going off what the second guy said. Ill no for sure whats up with pics when I get into it.. From what I understand yes they cut the harness and spliced into the deck that way. I imagine I can undo there splice and re-splice my factory wires together.
  7. A local guy. its the second set he has sold. The set I have are signed on the cone ill post pics when they are in box
  8. I guess I should mention now and give someone a chance to reply before I start my next headache after the box is done. the first installer tied directly into my wiring harness The second person left the first persons mess behind the deck and ran with it.. I will be trying to salvage this.. My question is if they have cut my wiring harness.. I can just undo there work. and fancy the harness back together correct? So I can start from scratch. If yes to my question I will be ordering https://www.caraudiogiants.com/product/pac-c2a-chy/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7dHSBRDEARIsAJhAHwgY3LgOcpq41cf6iCmkBYyzaXNfynH9NivQ2LayRdQDAgJ0YKLtdZ8aAm-YEALw_wcB and https://www.crutchfield.com/p_007CPER417/Crutchfield-4-Channel-RCA-Patch-Cables-17-foot.html Technically with this new box I wont be able to even listen to it until I get these RCA ran because im moving amps from the seats to the trunk and the current install tied into the harness that wire is to short and im not adding to it! Am I on the RIGHT TRACK?!
  9. I just realized the intro video isnt working , reuploading now. Should be fine. I explained the setup in that. sorta a sticky situation im trying to make the best of Also In the intro I said aux converter... as if you cant smell the freshness haha.. I was talking about this PAC-C2ACHY https://www.caraudiogiants.com/product/pac-c2a-chy/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7dHSBRDEARIsAJhAHwgY3LgOcpq41cf6iCmkBYyzaXNfynH9NivQ2LayRdQDAgJ0YKLtdZ8aAm-YEALw_wcB Subwoofers are x2 12" 2000w RMS Untouchable Sounds (carbon fiber) Once I get enough power for them I have high hopes. https://untouchable-sounds.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/untouchable-sounds-king-series-12-d1 INTRO
  10. MORE UPDATES ON THE BOX. I basically tore it all apart and started from scratch , The port looked ugly and cheap spray painted. I plan on putting a green LED in the port for night time. I assume it will glow nicely on the glossy white Box v2 https://ibb.co/efOGXR https://ibb.co/c8UOCR https://ibb.co/cW1EK6 https://ibb.co/iHnbXR
  11. UPDATES ON THE BOX https://ibb.co/h96CnG https://ibb.co/e75u1b https://ibb.co/hkGdSG
  12. I have a 2013 Chrysler 300 Base Model i'm installing a new system into by myself. Right now everything is stock. Watch my videos to hear my story, my goals and see my progress. Any advice is much appreciated! Many Goals. Ill edit this post with a spec list and whatever I can think of when I have time. Introduction https://youtu.be/xle8qN4l3Wk PART 2 https://youtu.be/owV6edKeDzE PART 3 https://youtu.be/eE4JhrF3eS8