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    So I get an email that someone was replied to my question.... Finally, I think, I'm going to get an easy solution to the USB problem. I eagerly click on the link, enable the link, click on it again... and am presented with a 'Welcome to SSA' message. That's it. Nothing else. Just welcome to the forum. Thanks. My life is now complete.
  2. boweasel

    Joined Just To Ask About iPod Adapter

    The quote I gave you about it not working was from the Amazon link you sent me
  3. boweasel

    Joined Just To Ask About iPod Adapter

    Here's the reply I got from the seller at Amazon (regarding playing music from a USB stick on the device you suggested): Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it won't work with this kind of adapter. The adapter supports charging and data sync only
  4. boweasel

    Joined Just To Ask About iPod Adapter

    While I'm sure that your link makes perfect sense to you, it's pretty much incomprehensible to me. It's not some easy-to-follow soldering diagram you sent me. Maybe if I get the cable and take it and the link to an electrician friend of mine, he'll know what to do.
  5. boweasel

    Joined Just To Ask About iPod Adapter

    Randal https://www.amazon.ca/Infinity-Inter.../dp/B00BBHN0RQ This picture shows the cable I have to plug into my iPod port. The connector on the right is what goes into my console. The connector on the left is what plugs into an iPod. There is nothing vaguely USB-ish about either end of the cable, nor is there anything on the head unit that could be mistaken for a USB port. It's got an aux port that seems to useless for music, although once when I had a CD stuck in the player I connected an old Sony Walkman to that port with the other end plugged into the headphone jack on the Walkman. The CD in the Walkman played fine in the car's audio system, but I don't see how that can help me play a USB stick.
  6. I've been all over the internet with this. I anyone here has a workable solution, then this forum is better than any of the other half dozen places I've contacted. I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra that has the factory installed radio/CD player. It does not have any USB ports for playing music. What it does have is an iPod port. Not a port that you plug an iPod into directly - rather a port (inside the console) that requires a cable to be plugged into it, with the iPod itself plugged into the other end of the cable. I do not have an iPod, nor do I have any plans to hunt one down. It seems like obsolete technology that is incredibly overpriced compared to the current price of USB sticks. But the real problem is the constant duplicating of media I have to do. My car can only play CDs, while my wife's car has no CD player - only USB ports. It seems like there should be some technology that will let me use that iPod port to play the music on our many USB thumb drives.