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  1. wayfatcat

    Need Subwoofer advice!

    Yeah man, I'm learning there is a lot of science behind a good system, not just the components. I have always built boxes according to the manufacturer's specs. Took me a while to learn how important that is rather than just slapping them in some box. Do you know if with a sealed enclosure, they give you a minimum and a maximum size, does that effect the sound like it does with a vented enclosure?
  2. wayfatcat

    Need Subwoofer advice!

    I will be building an enclosure, a sealed one. I have an 02 Tahoe so plenty of room. I think I have decided to go with just 2 12s but I want something hard hitting for a lot of rock/metal. I'm budgeting $200 or less per speaker. I figured I would have to upgrade my electrical system somewhat. I have spent a lot of money on junk in the past and want to put together something good, at the same time not go overboard having to have overpriced name brands unless they are worth it. People keep fighting over the P3s and the Type Rs and L7s, and I just don't know who to listen to anymore!
  3. I had two Pioneer Championship PRO (TS-W3003D4) 12" subs (600watt RMS each) on a Hifonics Zeus 1200 watt amp wired at 1 Ohm in my 02 Tahoe. It was pretty powerful, but I still would like a little more punch in the chest, so I'm now thinking about maybe going with 3 Kicker Comp-VRs and a better amp, OR maybe if there are more powerful 12"s with the right amp combination. I'm at a point where I'm ready to take this seriously now. What brands or whatnot would I need?