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  1. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    I’ve never heard them so idk if I like them. But dang you don’t care for their normal silk dome tweeters either? lol i would prefer to go with the evil tweeters fyi, just wanted some input on the crescendo...and I got it lol so should I go with two 4ohm or 8 ohm 6.5’s ? And i think I’m gonna go with the evil tweeters as well.
  2. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    Ive got a buddy who has done awesome work with custom door panels, so I'll be going that route. Just sold the ID's yesterday as well. So now I just need to decide on drivers, or do I still need to worry about mounting depth/location etc still? I would love to run a 2 way active setup with the SSA Evil 6.5's. Now, I do have a set of crescendo sts tweeters that I have from a prior impulse buy last year that I never used lol Could I use those or is my best bet getting the evil tweeters too?
  3. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    Or maybe just go active with the 6.5 ID65CS set?
  4. FlexinHZ

    Icon 12 box design

    Ohh she looks superb. I will definitely be trying this design out in the near future, much obliged kind sir
  5. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    Alright, so ill be scrapping that idea then. I did however pick up a Kenwood DMX706S for a steal, which is active capable, so looks like this train is going in the right direction. Now to determine which route to go for this 2 way active setup in a custom door panel. Any suggestions?...... (I'll be uploading pictures for a better idea later today when I'm not at work of install locations) Vehicle is a 2003 Acura RSX btw though.
  6. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    Alright gotcha. So I already have some Image Dynamics ID65CS components never installed, so just to clarify instead of getting a 2nd set, I can ditch the passive crossover, get a miniDSP or 80prs, and go 2 way with them correct? That would yield me enough quality mid bass and still get “loud”?
  7. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    I just meant if I went with your suggestion of doing a real 3 way, it would be my first time going active if I did that. I know I’m saying my thought process is I would buy 2 sets of the same components, install both mids and both crossovers per side, but only run one of the tweeters per door. Would it even work? Or just sound horrible?
  8. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    Would you recommend doing a 3 way even though it would be my first time going active? What issues will I run into going with two 6.5 components per door?
  9. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    Honestly I’ve just always wanted custom door panels, and now since I’m going to get them finally, just trying to figure out what routes Are possible for a two 6.5’s per door setup.
  10. FlexinHZ

    Passive Front Stage Advice

    I was thinking of getting 2 component sets, and only wiring one of the tweeters on one of the crossovers per door. I cant remember exactly but I think Ive read on here before that two tweeters in the front stage is horrific, but I may be mistaken. Going off that uncertain logic I have, I figured 2 tweeters per door would be too much in my small 2 door hatchback rsx. So what kind of negative should I expect from doing this? Im not opposed to going active, I just wanted to get some feedback on this multiple speakers Passive setup idea before diving back into the realm of understanding how to go active.
  11. Vehicle: 2003 Acura RSX Budget: $300-$450 Amp: NVX JAD800.4 Im looking to keep it simple and go passive with Two 6.5' components per door, & One tweeter per door. Will be having a fellow friend with experience fabricating doors do the install. So far Ive from a quick search, Im looking at the Incriminator Audio I6.5c's, or Image Dynamics ID65CS components...Anyone have any experience with either of these or any other suggestions? Pretty set on doing only one tweeter per door, any info on going with only one or going 2 per door would be great.
  12. FlexinHZ

    Icon 12 box design

    Definitely wanting to see that once it drops for my one Icon 12 setup
  13. I am just curious on this topic, why does no one ever run multiple coaxial's in their door? Would kind of troubles would you run into doing this?
  14. FlexinHZ

    Crescendo STS-1 tweeter question

    Yeah after doing some research I figured that was the option, I just needed Expert confirmation thank you. Ive had the pwx’s for years now in another vehicle and the tweeters I’ve had for a couple months, just never got around to it. I liked the pwx’s in my other vehicle but could tell I had holes in the response. Oh well you live and learn. I am not opposed to going active, just hesitant about the steep learning curve I keep reading about. Also as a second option theoretically speaking with a perfect install Do you think even with say a component setup such as Incriminator I series 6.5 I could render a better response then if I were to go active with the pwx?
  15. So I will be pairing the 4 ohm Crescendo STS-1 Silk dome tweeters with 4ohm Crescendo PWX 6.5's . The tweeters came with crossovers just for the tweeters. Amp is a nvx jad800.4 which does 125 x 4 @ 4 ohms. if I have the pwx's hooked up to channels 1 & 2, can I connect the tweeters on channel 3 & 4 and essentially barely increase the input sensitivity on those channels? Doesn't seem accurate whatsoever to me and I am thinking I could seriously fry my tweeters from the get go. Would that still be considered going passive with tweeter crossovers or am I diving into active territory? Am I better off getting a different passive crossover that I can connect both pwx & tweeter? I know you want to get a passive that is designed for the mids/highs in question, but checking the crescendo website it doesn't look like they sell them. I was thinking of getting a passive that crossovers right around the same frequency as the tweeters @ 3800khz, I found a passive that crosses @ 3500khz, would that be plausible or will I probably destroy my tweeters and have holes in my response coming from the mids? Is my only viable option here is to go active? If I did I would go with the Pioneer 80prs in that regard, due to me being a noob in the active field. I'm just trying to figure out my options.