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  1. FlexinHZ

    Crescendo STS-1 tweeter question

    Yeah after doing some research I figured that was the option, I just needed Expert confirmation thank you. Ive had the pwx’s for years now in another vehicle and the tweeters I’ve had for a couple months, just never got around to it. I liked the pwx’s in my other vehicle but could tell I had holes in the response. Oh well you live and learn. I am not opposed to going active, just hesitant about the steep learning curve I keep reading about. Also as a second option theoretically speaking with a perfect install Do you think even with say a component setup such as Incriminator I series 6.5 I could render a better response then if I were to go active with the pwx?
  2. So I will be pairing the 4 ohm Crescendo STS-1 Silk dome tweeters with 4ohm Crescendo PWX 6.5's . The tweeters came with crossovers just for the tweeters. Amp is a nvx jad800.4 which does 125 x 4 @ 4 ohms. if I have the pwx's hooked up to channels 1 & 2, can I connect the tweeters on channel 3 & 4 and essentially barely increase the input sensitivity on those channels? Doesn't seem accurate whatsoever to me and I am thinking I could seriously fry my tweeters from the get go. Would that still be considered going passive with tweeter crossovers or am I diving into active territory? Am I better off getting a different passive crossover that I can connect both pwx & tweeter? I know you want to get a passive that is designed for the mids/highs in question, but checking the crescendo website it doesn't look like they sell them. I was thinking of getting a passive that crossovers right around the same frequency as the tweeters @ 3800khz, I found a passive that crosses @ 3500khz, would that be plausible or will I probably destroy my tweeters and have holes in my response coming from the mids? Is my only viable option here is to go active? If I did I would go with the Pioneer 80prs in that regard, due to me being a noob in the active field. I'm just trying to figure out my options.
  3. FlexinHZ

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Yeah I have some pictures for ya. Idk if you will want them though astectially wise. The guy I bought it from cut the surround on accident and put some type of rubber adhesive on it. That’s why I was able to get it for half the price. However it seems to not have affected performance in any way that my ear can tell atleast. I will recone it in the future sometime just because it bothers me aesthetically or if it eventually rips, whichever comes first lol I have a second skin door pack that I’ve been too lazy to install so I’ll be doing that soon. I know I’ll need some more though for the roof. Here are some pics anyway. Don’t mind the random piece of wood, my hatch struts recently stopped working.
  4. FlexinHZ

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Yeah the Icon slaps extremely hard on the T1500bdcp. For sure never selling this amp. It has exceeded my expectations.
  5. FlexinHZ

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Finally got around to making that enclosure! This box paired with the Rockford T1500-bdcp amp I picked up for a steal, is slamming my RSX beyond my expectations. Looks like I may have to strip everything and sound deaden my whole vehicle. Next project here I come!
  6. FlexinHZ

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Got a dumb question. Is the 31 hz tune most optimal from the recommended range? Being that I listen to mostly rap and only once in a blue moon decaf. the 31 should be at a good frequency for regular music?
  7. FlexinHZ

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Alright thanks I appreciate it! Was able to look at the sketches and see all the measurements and im glad it will fit my available space, except I'm not able to see what the enclosure is tuned at. If anyone from SSA could chime in on what their pre-designed enclosure is tuned at for the Icon it would be greatly appreciated lol I got the Icon temporarily in a ported enclosure I got off ebay years back on a NVX 1000.1 amp for the time being. I love it so far, I just know she has a whole lot more in her once I get this enclosure built and throw the Rockford 1500 on to power her.
  8. Vehicle : Acura RSX (hatchback) Location in the vehicle: Hatch Space available (Length x Width x Height): max 20 L x 31W x 17 H Subwoofer make and model: SSA Icon D2 Subwoofer Size: 12 Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot What type of music do you like?: Rap, Occassional Decaf Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Everyday Rap Tuning Freq (Hz): 32? Volume : 2.1 after displacement, maybe more? Electrical: Kinetic HC1200 under the hood, and Kinetic HC1200 in the rear. Stock Alt. 0 gauge run front to back/grounds. Big 3 coming soon. Amp: Rockford T15001-bdcp Looking to tackle building my first enclosure and would like some input on a design. Have a friend that can help out who has experience building boxes for making corners and subwoofer cutout, basically anything I cant get Home Depot to cut for me since I don't have any wood cutting tools or a truck. So getting most of it precut from Home Depot would be ideal so it can fit in the rsx. Plan on using Birch wood to save weight. I listen to 99% hip hop/rap music will 32hz be good, should I go lower? Is 29 really if I'm mostly playing decaf/rebassed music? Interested in doing a sub up, port back type of enclosure.
  9. FlexinHZ

    Icon 15?

    Ended up getting a good deal on a barely used D2 Icon 12 from someone local. Appreciate the input guys. If a hurricane gets this one too, ill do a Gcon or Icon 15 next time around Probably will be building a custom ported enclosure for the 1st time, so I'm sure Ill be posting again soon for review on my box & start a build log while I'm at it.
  10. FlexinHZ

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Was at a car show couple good years back in Orlando and almost everyone there was running SSA subs. I saw some insane builds and a lot of walls of Icons and Xcons, fell in love that day
  11. FlexinHZ

    Icon 15?

    Alright thanks for your reply, Im strongly considering it then. I guess that leads me to another question though. Since I’m torn on if I want to given up the space required for a 3-3.5 cu.ft box, I’m strongly considering just getting the 12” icon again and calling it a day without having to build another box. Does it come in D2? I already have a 2.0 cu.ft box tuned to 32 hz, and can put in the 12” Icon, plug n play. My goals are more lows/air movement/SQ not SPL. I know the 15 has more cone area, but the icon is considerably beefier at 11 more lbs than the 15 gcon. Not trying to start a vs conversation by any means, but any input on this matter would be awesome. Vehicle is an Acura RSX which is a hatchback.
  12. FlexinHZ

    Icon 15?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Curious if the Icon 15 will go back in production? I used to have an Icon 12, I had it in my shed during switching vehicles, unfortunately it ended up missing along with my whole shed during a hurricane lol I loved the sound of it. Since then Ive been running an old 2010 Fi SSD 12 I had sitting around, in a ported enclosure tuned to 32 hz. Im looking to do a little upgrade, was wondering if the 15 Icon will ever come back? Is it worth getting the Gcon 15 instead?