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    Icon 15?

    Ended up getting a good deal on a barely used D2 Icon 12 from someone local. Appreciate the input guys. If a hurricane gets this one too, ill do a Gcon or Icon 15 next time around Probably will be building a custom ported enclosure for the 1st time, so I'm sure Ill be posting again soon for review on my box & start a build log while I'm at it.
  2. FlexinHZ

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Was at a car show couple good years back in Orlando and almost everyone there was running SSA subs. I saw some insane builds and a lot of walls of Icons and Xcons, fell in love that day
  3. FlexinHZ

    Icon 15?

    Alright thanks for your reply, Im strongly considering it then. I guess that leads me to another question though. Since I’m torn on if I want to given up the space required for a 3-3.5 cu.ft box, I’m strongly considering just getting the 12” icon again and calling it a day without having to build another box. Does it come in D2? I already have a 2.0 cu.ft box tuned to 32 hz, and can put in the 12” Icon, plug n play. My goals are more lows/air movement/SQ not SPL. I know the 15 has more cone area, but the icon is considerably beefier at 11 more lbs than the 15 gcon. Not trying to start a vs conversation by any means, but any input on this matter would be awesome. Vehicle is an Acura RSX which is a hatchback.
  4. FlexinHZ

    Icon 15?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Curious if the Icon 15 will go back in production? I used to have an Icon 12, I had it in my shed during switching vehicles, unfortunately it ended up missing along with my whole shed during a hurricane lol I loved the sound of it. Since then Ive been running an old 2010 Fi SSD 12 I had sitting around, in a ported enclosure tuned to 32 hz. Im looking to do a little upgrade, was wondering if the 15 Icon will ever come back? Is it worth getting the Gcon 15 instead?