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    T-line for 2 6.5's or 1 12 in a hatchback

    Thx for those links. Im definitely not opposed to sealed boxes have also considered a single 15. A little update....I ended up getting the skar sdr 12s and the skar box i had mentioned earlier basically new for half price....Current thoughts are that in some ways they sound better but in some ways i like my single 12 better.....The single hits low s a lot better but overall the skars hit better.... This leads to a new issue...the skars are hitting higher notes way harder which has really brought out the rattles and buzzes i didnt really hear with the single 12. The skars are tighter.....infact i think they are are to tight....the skar box is supposedly 2cf per chamber at 32hz but if its 2cf before subs then its about 1.5 after subs which is way to small per chamber and my old box was supposedly 2.25-2.45 at 32hz. Can some one calculate cf and tuning from the measurements of my old box? W32xH15 1/8xD14 7/8 Port is an L short end is 13 1/4 long end is 21

    T-line for 2 6.5's or 1 12 in a hatchback

    Im in the florida panhandle.....no dunes here either but lots of trails and mud lol. Theres a race series down south for these mini buggys also that we been trying to get a chance to go race in.

    T-line for 2 6.5's or 1 12 in a hatchback

    Those look damn good being red and black and and we race mini dunebuggys and our lil group name is offroad demons. My problem with boxes is i dont have any means of building my own. Any box builders on here?

    T-line for 2 6.5's or 1 12 in a hatchback

    Thank you thats what i kinda figured is that a couple of 6.5s wouldn't really be satisfactory other than the cool factor. When i say Tlines im talking actual folded Tlines and not tapered lines or horns or tapered horns or these so called labyrinth boxes. Two 12s is most likely what i want to try this time. Any suggestions? Only thing is they need to dvc4 and in the 750watt range to match my amp at 1 ohm

    T-line for 2 6.5's or 1 12 in a hatchback

    Was in a 2.5..ishcf at 33hz Have also tried it in a 2cf at 38hz and now its in an unknown size and tuned box which is damn near identical in size physically to the 2.5 box but the port is slightly wider and a whole lot longer....Metallica ozzy ac/dc etc hits slightly harder on the 2.5 box while the unknown box hits alot harder on most other types.....overall the unknown box is the best so far.....Im beginning to think these AB subs are just not that good or that ive just reached the limits of a single 12 and should just get two 750ish watt 12s. This box would fit in the hatch perfect because of the angled back......I know prefab=yuck......https://www.skaraudio.com/products/sk2x12v-dual-12-inch-ported-subwoofer-enclosure-box Ive yet to read anything bad about T-lines other than physical size to driver ratio and that they are not the best for "spl" setups. Im open to to all opinions and not stuck on having to have a T-line. Im just really intrigued about the T-lines and also intrigued on 6.5s just cause it would be badass to have a pair blowing the hatch off.

    T-line for 2 6.5's or 1 12 in a hatchback

    From what ive read and watched thats the whole point is they sound better get lower without losing the topend and get just as loud on less power at the cost of a larger enclosure....no?
  7. Vehicle : 88 Corolla FX Location in the vehicle: Hatch Space available (Length x Width x Height): 38x18ishx16ish Subwoofer make and model: Not sure Subwoofer Size: 6.5 or 12 Number of Subwoofers: 1 or 2 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): T-line What type of music do you like?: Rock country rap dubstep electronic etc Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Musical.."SQL" Tuning Freq (Hz): Not sure Volume : Not sure Questions: Been reading and watching videos on T-line boxes over the last week and im really wanting to try one now with either 2 6.5s or 1 12. Currently have 1 american bass xr12 on a rockford prime 1200 at 1ohm and i like it but im wanting something a little different. Really leaning towards 2 6.5's.