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  1. newbie1526

    15" xcon gen1

    ok thank you. i have to go buy a new volt meter cuz when i hook it to sub the reading just keeps climbing and stops around 7.8 to 13 somthing. or maybe needs new batt. ill let you know.
  2. newbie1526

    15" xcon gen1

    how can i determine what the voice coil configuration is? volt meter?
  3. newbie1526

    15" xcon gen1

    It is dvc. I built a 3qft enclosure for it out of 3/4" mdf with a double layered front. just seemed like the thing to do. Its going in a 99 blazer. If i understand correctly either parallel or series wont damage amp?
  4. newbie1526

    15" xcon gen1

    I am about as new as a newbie can get to car audio and the use of forums so if I am annoying anyone I apologize in advance. I am pretty frustrated at this point cuz i cannot find an answer anywhere so here I am. I bought a 15" xcon from a guy who was going to help me set up my system but he literally went mad and is currently in the state hospital. he told me to get a Hifonics Brutus brx2416.1d super d class mono amp which i did. He also told me that this sub is half ohm and thats about as far as we got before crazy happened. So now due to his mind frame I question if I got the correct amp and if so how do I wire a half ohm sub to a 1 ohm stable amp without damaging amp. Or maybe the better question is is thje sub half ohm at all because from what i have read here in this forum is they are either 1 or 2 ohm. if it matters I am more interested in sq than spl. thank you for any help I can get.