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  1. Hi first post thanks for letting me join . I recently had the following installed in a 1999 C5 Corvette . Kenwood DMX 7706s JL Audio HD 9001/5 Amp Morel Virtus Component 6.5 Soeakers (Front ) Morel Tempo Ultra 602 (Mid) JL Audio 10W3V3-4 Rear Sub ( with adjustable knob) The sound sounds real washed out with no “punch” to it . Any suggestion on what could be the problem .. or amp setting that I should check ? I would really appreciate any help . Driving me crazy ! I included a pic of amp settings .
  2. Kwikr1

    Noob help for Corvette owner

    Thanks guys . Hopefully I can get this figured out .
  3. Kwikr1

    Noob help for Corvette owner

    Not very crisp or punchy . You wouldn’t even think it had a decent amp behind it . It’s going back to the shop who installed it next week to get checked out . It was put together with very decent components imo. I’ve had systems that I’ve spent 1/3 of the money on . And sounded twice as good as this one . Could it be the quality of the Spotify files ? I stream everything. Thanks .
  4. Kwikr1

    Noob help for Corvette owner

    Thanks ! I’ll have to check the amp settings . Sounds very washed out and muddled .