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  1. So I called ProBox and the guy told me that because the audio into the amp is through the DIN input on it, the line out won’t work. Said it would if the regular input was used. So I guess I’m stuck. I suppose I could just plug in and see what happens.
  2. Thanks! ProBox says I need the mini din splitter in one of the photos and an adapter to convert it to standard RCAs for the amp of the amp doesn’t have the DIN input. if there’s an easier way, im game!
  3. Hey, guys. I could really use to help. I have a side by side with an audio system consisting of a tiny Bluetooth “head unit” with a strange DIN audio output, a 4 channel amp, 4 6x9s, and a 10” subwoofer. (Made by Pro Box). All this stuff is in the roof of the vehicle. I want to add another subwoofer to the system. How can I add another amp? I’m attaching photos of the head unit, amplifier, and a cable that I think might be my solution but I’m not sure. I believe the mini din wire is the audio output from the head unit and that there are no red and white RCA cables. I could be wrong. I have not torn into the roof enclosure yet. If someone has knowledge of this kind of audio wiring, please enlighten me. I am used to regular car audio wiring.