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    New Member Check-In

    Oh, I forgot the Audiopipe TXX-BDC3-15 sitting in my car too, I need to decide where I'm sticking that. I'm also buying 4 NVX VS15's to stick in the Aztek, just haven't decided how they're going in quite yet. I'd love to do a wall build with them but not exactly ready to be bombarded with the "Why would you use such a low end sub in a wall build" opinions so for now, they're going in a box.
  2. CommonHuckleberry

    New Member Check-In

    I'm socially retarded thanks to an abnormally high IQ that turns me into a useless potato of a genius. Medical professionals call me Autistic, I'm not convinced yet. If I ever say some overly dumb [excrement] just know I'm not trying to be stupid, I literally just don't understand what's going on. With that out of the way, I live near Seattle. I've been involved in car audio in some manner since I was a kid, lately I've been trying to learn anything and everything I possibly can about automotive specific sub-bass acoustics. In the last year I've gone through more drivers than I can remember, designed and built more enclosures than I can count, and have been investing in tools and training to try to improve the craft. I have 8 years experience as an automotive technician with a self-hatred, I mean focus in electrical. I'm hoping I can learn even more here. Currently drive a 2003 Pontiac Aztek. No, I didn't buy it because of that TV show, I bought it because it sat at my friends dealership for 8 months and I needed space for my kiddo's so I got a killer deal on it. Project list: I have 2 EVL-65's in 0.60cuft tubes with 6.28in2 of port area tuned @ 40-somthing hz that I designed and built, selling those this weekend. 1 Kicker Comp 10 in a 1.38cf Net enclosure with 9.42in2 of port area tuned @ 35hz, currently the setup I'm using because I built the enclosure to prove a point and I'm enjoying rubbing the point in someone's face. I feel like this post needs photo's... Photo is the waveform from the left and right rear channels on a headunit, buy a cheap Dual and that's what you get... Video is the Kicker making my sunglasses jump around on the dash, so exciting. Posting is actually really difficult for me because I am on the Autism Spectrum. I'm not even remotely joking, I struggle with social interaction, BADLY, so go easy on me here. This is my best effort at being "normal." Thanks! 78D80BD8-CC45-4FAC-A579-8CB867357C92.mp4
  3. CommonHuckleberry

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I always search here first for advice on those tiny, intricate, detailed anomaly's that I'm sure someone's ran into in the past. After reading so many threads, I decided to finally shed my cloak of anxiety and join the conversation. That, and watch M5 engage in battles of wit against the wit-less has become a small-time hobby of mine.