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    Seat Leon 2007 build log

    Time moved on and got amp + crossovers for front doors, also upgraded 6,5" midbasses to 8" mids and upgraded tweeters also. I designed and 3D printed pods for tweeters. This setup did 143,9db on music, it was okay but wanted more. Since the enclosure didn't fit anyway I built new one with 2x8" aeroports and more qubes. Then new 5kw amplifier came in + 2 extra AGM batteries. With this setup I went to compete and did 148.3db @ 35Hz on music. Now the setup is sold and waiting for new wall build. I already have the new subs which I will show you soon...
  2. ValiJaVihane

    Seat Leon 2007 build log

  3. ValiJaVihane

    Seat Leon 2007 build log

    Here we go... apologize my English, but I will try my best. So to give you some back information. Bought this car about year and a half ago, did some chip tuning, exhaust and intake work just for daily driving. Some time later I felt like why not add a small subwoofer in the car and bought SPL Dynamics amplifier with Ground Zero 12" sub. Well the sub never made it to car. So I kept the amplifier and bought some 15" Autostudio sub with recone, it was around 1kw RMS. Also some quite good quality enclosure. It was satisfying about a month or two .. but well you always want more. So I went and ordered 2x15" GS Audio platinum subs 1.5Kw RMS a piece. And started building my own enclosure for them. Made it a little bit too small because my plan was to fit it behind the seats to compete in Street class. That quite didn't work out. Also at that point I started sound deadening car's trunk.
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    Back again

    Greetings from Estonia, used to be member about 11-12 years ago, but can't figure out old username. Had a topic about my BMW E34 with 2x12".