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  1. Hello, first real post. Planning an install for my resto-mod 79 Camaro. Would like opinions and any expert advice on some parts selection and install. First my Head unit is a Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS. So far I have the following amps on hand: Rockford Fosgate R300X4 and Alpine A2-S60M. I also have a pair of Polk MM692 6x9 full range tri-axial speakers. I was going to use these in the rear deck with a set of Focal 165 V20 6.5" 70W RMS Polyglass Series mounted in the doors with angled pods. I have the 6.5" door mounted pods on hand but not he Focals yet. I'm considering, instead, getting a Focal ISU 200 8" component set and mounting the 8" woofers in the deck with the tweeters of this same set mounted in the front A-pillars and mount a set of AudioFrog GB40 in the doors. Of course, either way I go, I will be building a sub enclosure using a 10" sub and mounting that in the trunk. My goal is completely SQ as I know either of these will produce plenty of volume. My taste in music is country and classic rock. I love the sound of well produced base guitars, pipe organs, horns, symbols and drums. I want a good sound stage in the front seats of my car. I am willing to spend a little money but not super high end. I don't want to spend 1000.00 on just one pair of speakers.
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    Complete audio system for a 79 Camaro

    Thanks JCarter for the feedback! I've decided to go with the JBL (by Harmon Kardon) Stadium component line with 6-1/2" in the doors and 6 x 9 in the rear deck. I had a credit with Amazon which doesn't carry Audiofrog but do JBL. Yes, I did read your input about about rear fills, but I'm also concerned about aesthetics and keeping this car looking pretty original. I also purchased a set of 3" midrange speakers of the same line. These have their own bandpass crossover filters and will incorporate with either the front or rear channel. Each the 6-1/2's and the 6 x 9s have their own set of tweeters. So I have 4 tweeters total. So here's my question,.... Should I use only one set of tweeters or both sets. Should I mount the tweeters in the A-pillars or can I mount them in the sail panels (which would put them close to ear level but slightly behind my head)? What would be the difference? And for the mids, (3" speakers) dash or sail panels? I really like the idea of mounting both tweeters and mids in the sails for aesthetics. Also, my head unit has the option of running either (1)-network (active crossover which divides system to highs/front and lows/rear) or (2)- 2 way which outputs the full range of freqs to all channels and lets the passive crossovers do their thing. Of course, if I run it network, I would run the tweeters and mids with the 6-1/2s in the front channel and run the 6 x 9s by themselves in the rear. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!
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    Complete audio system for a 79 Camaro

    Anyone have any comments or advice for my install?
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    How did you guys find SSA???

    Hello, glad to have found this site. Was searching for posts of those you have tried using 8" midrange speakers in the rear deck. This site popped up.