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    Might let go of a pair of RL-i8's

    Man how much power were you putting to them and what were you playingn to get that kind of excursion? (at work, so no sound)
  2. keith89

    Finally ordered RL-i10's

    I had them hooked up in my room for about 3 weeks while i worked on my amp racks. Based on my experience with them, I think I may need to get one to replace my cheapy sony I normally use in my room. With the pair of rl-i10's sealed in their own .45 enclosures, they had no problems shaking the room without cranking on them. I think it is because they were sitting in the middle of the room facing the ceiling. I have not experienced them at full tilt because I do not listen to music very loud, but they do create very full sound. I am very impressed and are a welcome replacement to my Polk SR124 which I loved as well.
  3. keith89

    Finally ordered RL-i10's

    Excellent! I will be stuffing with polyfill to try to compensate as well.
  4. keith89

    Finally ordered RL-i10's

    Ok I'm playing around with box design. I am limited on space. Would I be leaving a lot on the table with a box of .48 net cubic feet sealed and stuff with polyfill? I know recommended specs are .65 net. I'm guessing output will suffer, but what of the sound reproduction quality? I have a pair of 10's so output shouldn't be a problem.
  5. keith89

    Finally ordered RL-i10's

  6. keith89

    spectrum vs spectrum sludge

    Thanks. I will have to see if I can remove the ensolite.
  7. keith89

    Finally ordered RL-i10's

    I finally took the plunge and ordered a pair of RL-i10's to replace my single 12" Polk SR124. I'm designing the box for a false floor with the 2 10's inline next to each other. How much space should i leave under the woofer. The mounting depth says 5.55". Would 6" from the face of the box to the back(inside) be sufficient? What is the minium you would recommend? I will be throwing a max of 400 watts at each sub in a sealed enclosure of .65 cubic feet net. Is a 3/4 thick enclosure really necessary with this small of an enclosure? Or can I get away with 5/8 or 1/2"?
  8. What's the difference between spectrum and spectrum sludge? I plan to use it under my back seat and in my trunk. I already have some raamat and ensolite in my trunk. I did not do a good enough job on the trunk. Can I lay some spectrum on top of the ensolite or will this not make as much of a difference compared to bare metal. I plan to lay around 3-4mm. and ensolite on top.
  9. keith89

    Ever done a box for a 93 mustang?

    X2 03-04 Mustang Cobra > Camaro > Mustang My 12" box was built by Fisher customs. Great quality. I will be returning for a new box when I replace my 12" with a pair of SS RL-i10's.
  10. keith89


    it sounds like a scam. he's basically asking you to send the package before he pays for it. That "paypal" message sounds fake.
  11. keith89

    Deciding on a sub

    I currently have a Polk Audio SR 124 SVC 12" subwoofer. It is not particularly loud but sounds great. I am more concerned about SQ. I plan to redesign my trunk and would like to go with 2 or 3 10's. I plan on a false floor construction in my 2003 Mustang Cobra trunk. The subs will be facing up in the middle of the trunk and powered by a Zapco DC reference 1100.1 amp with about 850W @ 4ohms. Source unit is a Pioneer AVIC N3 navigation system. I currently have a Polk Audio SR6500 component set in the doors powered by a Zapco DC Reference 1000.4 amp. My picklist is below: 2- Soundsplinter RL-i10's : pros: great price & reputation cons: not sure 2- Audiopulse Epic 8's or 10's: pros: I hear they are similar to the SS RL-i's cons: a bit more expensive, TC sounds financial situation unknown 3- Elemental Designs SQ10: pros: lighter, cheaper, smaller, imo the best looking of the 3 cons: slim design means easier to bottom out, read a lot of 2007 posts about bad reputation(maybe resolved now?) Please let me know your thoughts.