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  1. BenHemp

    Where the @#$# are my Fi SP4's

  2. BenHemp

    Truck setup help

    Wasn't this already asked on ****?
  3. BenHemp

    SP4 vs N2

    It's not meant for pure SPL applications.
  4. BenHemp

    Big Secret?

    Team subs
  5. BenHemp

    Big Secret?

    Big things take time.
  6. BenHemp

    enclosure bracing

    Adding a little bracing to the inside of the box using dowel rod or threaded rod isn't going to have much of an effect on your tuning. Show pictures of the box.
  7. BenHemp

    World Record SPL

  8. BenHemp

    where's my order

    Your sub would cost more if there were a phone #. Their subs are built from scratch, sometimes they have issues with machines, suppliers, etc. They're not going to screw you over.
  9. BenHemp

    Big Secret?

  10. BenHemp

    Big Secret?

    Nick has designed an amp where the 20kHz+ switching frequency of the power supply FET's is filtered out and not supplied to the output stage, thus reducing fried leads.
  11. BenHemp

    Big Secret?

    A big secret
  12. BenHemp

    30hz or 35hz

  13. BenHemp

    30hz or 35hz

    Ccchoooo Phi, how did joo get on Team Eff Eye?
  14. BenHemp

    30hz or 35hz

    34.56234 Hz exactly.
  15. BenHemp

    Team Fi audio?

    Well, in that instant, the company is just giving team prices to anyone that meets a small list of requirements. And then people automatically assume they are on the team, when that's not always the case. Which at one point, mostly back in the day, a lot of companies gave discounts to competitors regardless if they was on the team or not. But now, with internet prices being so cheap, its almost like everybody can get a deal. So it doesn't matter as much. I mean having a big group of people running a smaller, just really beginning to grow, company's equipment can be a good thing. Instead of spending money on advertisements, they sell product for a discount in hope it will achieve the same goal. Pretty much. There's only a handful of companies that I see with "serious" teams where the team members are actually monitored and the companies keep track of them. Hybrid Audio Technologies is a good example of this.