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    Next Outrageous Deal | 12-15-2011

    So if your not lucky enough to be on the exact item when the item goes on sale, your SOL?? Sorry, I am confused as F on how this works as well.
  2. casedawg350

    Extended cab trucks - TOO much cone area?

    Sub'd. I am in the market for an extended cab truck that I will put my ICON in.
  3. casedawg350

    1/0 to 4awg

    Hey guys the SAX1200 has 4awg terminals and I was hoping to run 1/0 for the power & ground. What is the best/most direct way to get the 1/0 to fit in the terminals? Thanks.
  4. casedawg350

    1/0 to 4awg

  5. casedawg350

    SSA Black Friday | 4 Day Event

    We did think ahead, and had over 60 drivers built up and shipped one of our distributors, however, if you order came in after those orders are processed it will have to be built by hand. Please stay tuned, if you don't see a tracking number within two days, that means your sub is being built. Thanks for your business! So if we have not received a tracking number yet our sub is being built? In NO hurry whatsoever, just curious. Thanks!
  6. casedawg350

    I need 1 ohm for 2 subs

    The enclosure recommendations for the ICON's are up... Do Big 3 before you do anything else. 1/0 run of power wire will help as well. If you still think you need more, look at the XS Power D5100.
  7. casedawg350

    2012 Icon testing

    Cool. I just ordered 1 15" for the BF sale and wasn't sure. Looking forward to my first SSA product!
  8. casedawg350

    2012 Icon testing

    Hey guys, I know this is an old thread and I apologize. Are these the same ICON's that are being sold right now, or are they an even newer upgrade from these that will be available at a later date? Thanks!
  9. casedawg350

    SSA Black Friday | 4 Day Event

    just ordered 1 15" ICON. Also got a Sundown SAX-1200 from DB-R for $178.
  10. casedawg350

    SSA Black Friday | 4 Day Event

    I think my decision to get back into car audio was just confirmed...
  11. Hey guys, just trying to decide between 2 headunits. Both have the features I want. iPod connection, Hi-Volt Pre-outs, 3.5mm input, USB, nice display, basic EQ controls. Ease of use is a priority for me as well. Both of them are right in the budget I was thinking. I dont really care about HD/Sat Radio, or Bluetooth. Kenwood X794 Pioneer P7200HD I know some Pioneer's have the weird ground noise that pops up sometimes, so that scares me a little. But I love the fact that the USB and 3.5mm jack is on the front. That is a big thing for me. I would just like your opinions on which one would be the better HU, if either is better. Thanks guys.
  12. casedawg350

    Which Headunit

    I was just looking at the 794 on youtube and it really looks impressive. Does it have alphabet search?
  13. Drew, read the thread "Which Amp?" it is for you, lol.
  14. hey guys my buddy is trying to decide between a Rockford T-1500 or Sundown SAZ-1500. i know this website praises the Sundown's, but WHY is it better then the Rockford? he said his budget is whatever it needs to be. he is running a pair of 15in IA Lethal Injections. he has them in his Jeep Wrangler. his electrical is all stock, but he is also in the process of getting a battery. Thanks guys.
  15. casedawg350

    Be honest!!

    and you should probably leave the forum unless you have something constructive to say. because all you are doing is frustrating these guys. this forum is for respect and maturity. something you dont seem to have much of.
  16. casedawg350

    Which Amp?

    this thread is turning into a good read! thanks guys.
  17. casedawg350

    Which Amp?

    WOW! thanks.
  18. casedawg350

    Which Amp?

    So the Rockford could be doing 1700 but at 14 volts and the Sundown be doing it at 12 volts?
  19. casedawg350

    Which Amp?

    good reasons. thanks guys. in reference to the rated power, he told me the Rockford does 1800 or 1900? i have no idea cause i dont pay attention to the mainstream stuff. can anyone give me an insight on this?
  20. casedawg350

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    hmm... these are giving me ideas. i know its probably hard to tell but Jacob do you think a pair of these on a ZX750.1 ported in optimal enclosure would be louder then my SSD?
  21. casedawg350

    not enough

    so after roughly 8 months with my set-up, im already ready for something more! i was hoping this would last me longer. haha. its just not loud enough anymore. anyone else get bored with theirs and feel the urge to upgrade often? lol
  22. casedawg350

    What Are Your Other Hobbies??? (besides Car Audio)

    Racing 4-wheelers Working Out School Workin on my truck
  23. casedawg350

    My newest aquisition

    just needs some Meguiar's Swirl-X!
  24. casedawg350

    Loudest you've ever heard

    my buddies 2 15" Type-R's on a Hifonics 1610D. makes my ear drums vibrate bad. cant take it for longer then just a couple minutes.
  25. casedawg350


    I am sensing sarcasm from Jay-Cee, lol. I have my mind made up on the sub and amp. Just need to get electrical and enclosure decided. I also think I want a flip-out HU now, as well.