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  1. dub26z

    ssa xcon

    has anyone heard the ssa xcon in a sealed enclosure?i would love to do 2 15"s xcon in my dodge charger but i think i can only do 15s if i do a sealed enclosur..
  2. dub26z

    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen

    Best movie mystc river
  3. dub26z

    will it be worth it?

    Two weeks ago i installed 2 15"inch kicker l7's,which are runnig off a (kole audio)2400 watt amp.The box for the subs is a very small sealed box,actually its a prefab box called groundshaker lol..It gets pretty loud.Some where aroun next week im going to have a box built by a member on here by the name of (soundvibration) ..My question is these subs can handle 1000 rms and i was wondering if it would get alot louder with the RF1500 or saz1500 not sure which one but would the amp make a huge diffrence or just keep the one i have?The reason i ask is ca use alot of times people say 500 watts isnt any different to the ear,or does that not apply to me cause its a cheap amp i have?Thanks ahead of time for any info..
  4. dub26z

    Good match up or not

    i say re se that bangs on 1000 watts,my neighbor has it on a mtx 801 d and it wangs..
  5. dub26z

    Help choosing sub(s) and amp??

    Man just do 2 ssa icon and a saz1000,thats about a grand you will be happy with that....
  6. dub26z

    Window Tint Picture Thread

    I agree chop night driving sucks..its easy to nail somebody but during the day its kool if its hot where you live otherwise i wouldnt do it.
  7. dub26z

    Window Tint Picture Thread

    i have privacy tint and 5% on that and it is dark as fuck...At night you gotta roll windows down to make turns,but the good about it is that i only half to turn my ac on number 1 during the summer.It also save your interior from getting baked.The front window is 20% and thats perfect,on hazy days you cant see thru it at all and head on you cant see anything because my interior is all black...
  8. Does anyone know if this amp does rated power?And also do audiopipe amps do rated power?
  9. dub26z

    sonic electronix?

    Has anybody purchased from sonicelectronix?Just wondering cause they got some decent deals on fosgate...
  10. dub26z

    will it be worth it?

    Really they say my amp puts out around 800 watts rms and the saz1500 puts out 1800 wouldnt that 1000 watts be a big diffrence?
  11. dub26z

    A peek at whats going down this weekend

    box is way to small for them subs....
  12. dub26z

    i have not been around much

    wow man i hear you...best wishes things always get better just stay positive...good things happend to good people,hang in there..
  13. dub26z

    Audioque hdc3 woofers?

    Has anybody heard the audioque hdc3 woofers?I got a audioque 2200 amp from a friend and i wanted to know if 2 12'inch hcd3 woofers could get loud off of it?Do they reccomend sealed or ported?
  14. dub26z

    kicker question?

    i just bought 2 kicker l7 15"inch woofers they came in a groundshaker box sealed until i get a custom ported box.the amk that came with it is a koleaudio 2400 watt i know its not true watts it has 3 -30 amp fuses anyone know how many watts it might push?and also the subs are 2005 model are they almost as the 2009 kicker l7?thanks for any info...
  15. we installed my single din headunit yesterday and im getting the movie playing through the speakers but not the actual video showing,could we have just missed a connection in the back?thanks for any information...
  16. yeah and you can also add a switch to make it work whenever you want it or not make it legal on command its not playing even in park
  17. shouldnt it play in park is doesnt even do that
  18. it doesnt show it even when in park.it shows that screen that says in order to view this dvd emergency brake has to be in but still plays through the speakers..
  19. dub26z

    thanks everyone!

    Man finally i got my system installed today username (soundvibration)installed it here in phoenix az he really is a badass instaler,and would reccomend him to anybody who needs installs in this area..And thanks to everyone who helped me with my questions even the dumb shit i asked.as soon as i learn how to load picks,nohing huge but loud enough for me..
  20. dub26z

    thanks everyone!

    i knew that was coming lol i will post picks tomorrow.Its only 2 kicker l7 15'inch subwoofers on a 1200 watt amp but sounds good..soon i will have sundown in my trunk this was just something i got a good deal on...
  21. dub26z

    kole audio amplifier ?

    I just bought a kole audio kx2-2400 amplifier, on sonic electronix it says 4 gauge recomended can i use a 0 gauge power and ground wire or do they mean you have to use 4? I didn't know if they meant i couldn't use anything smaller than a 4 gauge and that i could only use a 4 gauge... thanks for any information anybody familiar with this brand amplifier?
  22. dub26z

    l7 kicker

    does anybody know the rms on the 15inch l7 kicker 2005 model
  23. dub26z

    kicker question?

    It doesn't matter how basic the question is this is a forum, of course there website is gonna say it's true wattage that's why i ask. It matters if you can find the answer yourself. Thats annoying. If their site tells you its true specs, then why would you ask? Do you think theyre lying? actually i do,kind of like performance technique has a 4000 watt amp for 189$ and im sure that aint right..my bad if i looked lazy i really couldnt find what i was looking for..