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  1. Custom Cherryman box, 1.6 ft3, tuned at 34, wired at 1ohm I'm deciding between a new IA10.1 for $390 or a gently used SAZ 1500D V3 for $360. I know the SAZ is under rated but I cand find any bench test results on the IA10.1. Im imagine the 300 RMS between the two amps cannot be heard by the human ear. Would there be any difference in SQ between the 2 amps?
  2. I haven't built a system since 2009. I had 2 Fi BTL 15's in a pound that sound box, powered by a SAZ 3000D. Well, my kid is becoming a bass head and is wanting to build a system in his car. I suggested him helping me build one in my car first so that he can learn more about it and see what he really wants before spending his money. I'm planning on putting an SSA ICON 10 with an SAE 1000D or maybe a 1500D , all in the trunk of my 2017 Mustang GT. Im going more for sound quality than SPL this time around. My car came with the sync and navigation package. I want to keep my dashboard stock but obviously don't have any RCA outs on the stock navigation/radio unit. It was suggested that I wire one of these from the rear factory speaker wires in my trunk. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_161LC2IB/AudioControl-LC2iB-Black.html evidently you can run your amps switched power blue wire to this box as well. My question is, am I giving up SQ by wiring a system like this, vs having a head unit with dedicated RCA outs? What other negatives are there when using this converter off the rear speaker signals? thanks
  3. rk772

    Fi BTL 12" common chamber flared port

    painted and carpeted pics yet?
  4. rk772

    Trying to get another 18" BTL

    Found this today in SE Texas http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/1076345571.html
  5. rk772


    I actually just found it on their website: Need incredible Xmax to feed your 160dB at 20Hz obsession? Add our extended length coils (28mm of Xmax). With over dozens of different option combinations to choose from, we can build the exact sub you need to fuel your SPL fire.
  6. rk772


    What is the Xmax with this option? I only see the 28mm on their website and I assume this is without this option.
  7. rk772

    Jacob u got pics of your ride?

    Jacob, What kind of sound damper do you use? My mini-SUV rattles like crazy.
  8. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    My 1st hair-trick with my 8 year old daughter. She's already a bass-head. She's always asking me to crank it. Unfortunately, all she wants to listen to is Soulja-boy
  9. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    I had the box made and he used a CNC machine to do the cuts
  10. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    Here are a few vids I shot today I know this song is played out but it hits so damn hard My Kids being silly. This was the 2nd time they heard the new setup. I wish I had gotten the 1st on video. It was priceless watching them scream. They were ready for it this time though.
  11. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    That's my weekend off. Give me some details and I'll be there.
  12. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    Guy named Matt Hawkins in Houston
  13. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    Hopefully tomorow. Had family in town this weekend for my kid's b-day party and could't play much
  14. rk772

    Sold on Sundown now

    Thanks to the Sundown folks for answering all my stupid "rookie" install questions. This was my first install and I did everything but build the box. My emails were all answered within 20 minutes or less. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Those Nightshades are going to rip my little CRV apart. Here is the finished product. (Well almost. I haven't gotten the 100.4 hooked up yet)