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  1. mmatscrx

    Favorite show

    sorry forgot to long in
  2. mmatscrx

    Glass Shattering News!!

    thats some crazy chit right there
  3. mmatscrx

    Yay For Fiberglass

    foil works good too
  4. mmatscrx

    A kicker l7 12 with 1000 watts?

    no def. not. i burp mine w/ 2000 watts and havent even blew one yet. but just dont gain your amp all the way up so it distorts and u will be fine
  5. As it says above. I dont plan on taking 2nd again this year. i will post pic. soon. somethings involved are a credit card that is pretty close to maxed out at the moment to add alot MORE POWER and maybe more subs just have to wait and see
  6. mmatscrx

    2004 Competitiors

    R u going to be at IASCA finals for idbl? if so i will see you there
  7. mmatscrx

    2004 Competitiors

    oh this is that van, my bad sweet not to far from first. damn keep it loud u r almost there
  8. mmatscrx

    2004 Competitiors

    nice set up post some #'s when u get them
  9. mmatscrx

    Necessary for 2nd woofer?

    u better get 2 b/c if not he is def. louder then u if its the hatch back. what Audiobahn subs where u running?
  10. mmatscrx

    Necessary for 2nd woofer?

    i use to sell audiobahn and belive me i dont like them at all, but they do get loud. i ran a death match w/ 2 12" 1205's and they werent even hot i got louder at the end of the 5 min. but i still wouldnt buy them to compete w/
  11. mmatscrx

    need crx box help (plans plz)

    need ne more help just ask
  12. mmatscrx

    anyone have a Dodge Durango?

    yeah that where i ran it through in my truck
  13. mmatscrx

    need crx box help (plans plz)

    another one same idea but... not my car these are 10's
  14. mmatscrx

    need crx box help (plans plz)

    u want a CRX box look at my website its 29x29x14 w/ 4 12" long areo ports www.sounddomain.com/id/earcandycrx