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  1. I purchased a pair of prototypes from Jake waaay back 2007…….a SAZ1500 except case is marked SAZ1200 The design was originally intended to produce 1200 watts however, once the final design was built, they consistently produced of 1500 watts……hence the name change for the production models. Case is glossy and 8/10 condition. I also have a matching prototype SAX100.2 in a matching glossy case and again 8/10. PM for pics, can’t figure out how to empty my attachment library. Asking $650 for the pair. Your chance to own a piece of history, and definitely very unique.
  2. Thank you sir, I was all set for the Icons, then that damn Denim has to go and post pics of his latest creation........decisions, decisions, decisions.
  3. We made them out of 3/4 MDF and cut a hole thru the panel to vent them. I had to add 3/4 inch spacers as well to get the speakers to fit as well. I was scared about crossfiring down low like that, but it sounds pretty good like that actually.
  4. Audison Bit one is coming soon. I have a Denon DCT1000R and am waiting patiently
  5. That is a sweet family photo. The germ's gotta be loving you now
  6. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    That Eclipse in the link I posted on page 3 is still available as far as I know. Great unit. I have the 8455, my son has the 8454, neither of us have ever had an issue with them.
  7. +1 on SQ The Mag can get loud as hell, but the pioneers have more cone area, so they may get close, but do yourself a favor....buy the Mag, you'll never look back.
  8. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    It's what we live for.
  9. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    The 980 has the single knob and a 3-way X-over...but now your budget is going out the window. $600, for amps, speakers and deadening is going to be tight...don't get me wrong, there are deals to be had, you just have to be diligent.
  10. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    DEH-P880PRS is where they start using three way x-overs. The 660 has a low pass for the subs and a high pass if you go passive, the 880 adds a bandpass for the mids and a high pass for the tweeters.
  11. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    do u know if that headunit is able to be hooked up to an ipod like the pioneers? i really like how the pioneers look. also which pioneers are the best for active setups? preferably 1 din The Eclipse has an AUX-in pair of RCA's, on my son's we just took a rca to mini adaptor and his IPOD plays just fine, but you still use the IPOD controls, none built into the deck. I will see what I can find ya Pioneer
  12. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    Dammit, good catch......thanks Sean...fixed it.
  13. finebar4

    High Wattage Passive Components

    6.5 and tweets Great set, great price, just leave the passives in the box and sell them off when (if) you ever upgrade. option 2 Just a little more money but all the rage for SQ on a couple other boards...one word of caution, you can over power these, but they rock from the reviews. Down to $550-$600