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  1. Greetings, So surprised my username still works. Through college and the years following I stepped away from the audio realm. I am way out of the loop for the latest and greatest but frankly I no longer care about the audio industry though I still enjoy good music. I recently inherited this truck and out of memory of my grandfather and general practicality I am not going to modify it heavily. It has the Bose system and its fine for now. If I ever upgrade the headunit it will be to add navigation and music library. The only thing it is missing is bottom end, mostly because I deafened myself to low frequency in my highschool days. So I am looking for suggestions for a line converter and subwoofer that will work well in confined spaces. I think I can squeeze 2cuft and will have an old Sundown 1500 to power it. Preferably I would do a ported enclosure tuned low, 25Hz or so. Small port but I am not worried about port noise because it is behind the back seat and I value more bottom end over a little buffeting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Open to 1 10", 2 8"s, 2 or 3 6.5"s. Thanks!
  2. CBFryman

    What I Learned at College

    OK? I learned originally behind a bayliner with no weight in it pulling from the transom on a $30 board from walmart that was literally molded plastic & sandal bindings. The graphics were stickers. What does this have to do with competing? I could throw my tricks into the flats behind my bayliner. Behind a true wakeboard boat is an entirely different story. The first time you crank into it like a small wake and it launches you above the tower and you forget about wakeboarding because you have an epic view. Then you eat shit. As far as a new board, yes, a new board is needed when you start getting more and more air. You know the physics. Doing super big tricks on flat bottom boards is why most of the original pros are riding and walking around like this: Plus I'm sure that you weren't doing anything more than backrolls and raleys back then. I get to ride with pros on regular occasion. In 6mo I've gone from 180's and a few grabs to Krypts, 360's, and any grab you can name. It took me 2 weeks to progress from Raleys to Krypts and starting indy glides. I'm ridding on a 7 year old board that is starting to delaminate and was designed for beginner riders. A board that is faster in the water with smoother landings and more pop will help me progress a TON. How do I know? I ride other people's boards as well and they're just more fun, more stable, and easier to land on. So stop being such an egoed party pooper.
  3. CBFryman

    What I Learned at College

    If you want to see good riders at McCormick's look here It's probably the most chill place in Tampa. The guys that work there are cool as hell and as you can see, the dogs are left to roam around during the day and they're all sweet as can be. All of those guys in that video I have met personally and shot the shit with. I was there for this as well: http://oakley.com/sports/wakeboard/posts/1006. I just happened to want to go wakeboarding that day and found out that besides myself and the people I was with, everyone else on the cable was a professional wakeboarding/wakeskater. Talk about feeling like you cant ride for crap.... haha
  4. CBFryman

    What I Learned at College

    I competed once and got scared out of it. I hadn't wakeboarded behind a boat in like 7mo because our Bayliner took a crap and ALL of my wakeboard experience was behind that Bayliner (19' Capri with a 5' pole). I get flung out behind a fully loaded Super Air Natique at 75' and 24mph with wake bigger than an average sized wave on the gulf coast. Needless to say I didn't do well at all. The cable pulls from a much higher angle which makes loading the line and doing air tricks easier. Of course, 2/3 times I load the line I eat it hard so that doesn't matter to me. It's like kite boarding with out having to control a kite. Cable riding and boat riding have diverged into two different styles. You'll notice a LOT of really good cable riders coming out of Europe because that is where the majority of the world's cable parks are. Kite boarders also do well on the cable. Cable is to wakebaording what street/park is to skateboarding. More rails, kickers, and technical tricks. Of course if you're a baller like the pros (actually, if you're sponsored by a baller company like the pros) you do everything (rails & kickers + wake tricks) behind boats/jetskis and just go to the cable to practice.
  5. CBFryman

    What I Learned at College

    Yeah, I am all cable recently which sucks. I get free passes to the cable park and cable ride days so I cant complain. I really need a new board, too. If I take it too big the landings are too harsh to stick most of the time. I bummed my knee the other day trying to take things too big off of the kickers. You're missing out on one of the best parts of life, man! Not too many lakes in your area? http://www.skimccormick.com/ and another hour down I-4 http://orlandowatersports.com/ Thanks for the complements!
  6. CBFryman

    What I Learned at College

    Made this to show my parents and ended up posting it on a few forums. Figured I'd drop in and post it here as well.
  7. CBFryman

    How to blow up factory speakers

    If you've got 4 4ohm speakers hook them up in series to a 120v socket. That way you'll only be feeding each speaker 225w instead of the 3600w they'd have to try and handle if you hooked them up individually. They might last a little longer but since you are giving them 10 times more power than they were meant to handle... well let's say there will be more smoke than sound.
  8. CBFryman

    Since Everyone Has Missed Me So

    Yeah man. The boat is going to be a constant work in progress. We are using a bicycle pump and a PVC air tank to run the keg tap right now. We have to empty it when we use it or the beer will spoil in a few days. It works pretty well but the air pump is loud and the input on the tap leaks (cheap $25 domestic tap). So you can pressurize it enough to empty the keg, but if it isnt empty in 30min or so you only get a trickle. Eventually we'd like a CO2 system, nitrogen if I have anything to say about it. Guiness anyone? Of course this boat could be completely trashed by the end of the 2009 basketball season. It's our (the group that built it) baby but it's the club's boat. Hopefully they'll respect our work. Thanks. However, I'm not going to lie, I do my fair share of partying. This was especially spring semester after my GF of 2 years broke up with me. We aren't a dry campus so we'd often drink while working on the boat. Of course, always in moderation except on certain occasions and schoolwork always comes first. Though it is easy to procrastinate and cram, it is far better to get it out of the way and have fun worry free.
  9. CBFryman

    Since Everyone Has Missed Me So

    BTW, we got rid of the cabin cruiser and the bayliner and got a hurricane deck boat. The first time I got to wakeboard behind it I had a broken hand so I couldnt do wake jumps, but my GF at the time brought her SLR and got a couple good pics. The best single thing I got to do thanks to the wakeboard club was go to Redbull's wakeboard event. I got to ride in the boat with Dallas Friday and brian grubb. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fxCkaL6EE18
  10. CBFryman

    Since Everyone Has Missed Me So

    Various members have their own boats and we pay Orlando Watersports Complex to rent the whole facility out to us for 2hrs 1-2 times per month. My personal favorite is our president's boat.He has the first diesel Mastercraft X-Star. The 315hp turbo Yahnmar diesel gives more GPH, can run in salt water, and all that torque allows for a steeper prop so the hole shot doesnt suffer all that much even with full OEM ballast, extra ballast, and the boat filled with people. He keeps this beast of a boat on the intercoastal in St. Pete which is a 30-40min drive from campus. If anyone doesnt know, Mastercraft makes nothing but fantastic ski/wakeboard boats and the X-Star is their top of the line wakeboard boat. Of coruse, we dont get nearly enough riding in to be remotely competitive with schools like UCF and UF but the majority of us are all about fun. We do have a few pro-am members and others that are just all around good. Personally, I'm in the grom class and everyone I compete with is half my age most of the time. lmao Here are the videos they made after they got the X-Star http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=62...h&plindex=0 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=91...20usf&hl=en and thanks Kent.
  11. CBFryman

    Since Everyone Has Missed Me So

    As none of you probably remember, right before I left SSA I had decided that I would go to the University of South Florida for my schooling in chemistry. I absolutely love it there. I love Tampa. Gasparilla, Ray-Jay stadium, Red Bull sponsored events, wakeboarding at OWC, St. Pete, and Clearwater, etc... It consumed the majority of my time and since I decided not to work my first year in college I had minimal funds to work with. Thus I am still running the same equipment, only I sold one of my USA-100's and went to head unit power. Two of those suckers plus my SAZ-1500 did not agree with my electrical system. Now my RE RE's driver side tweeter has died, likely because of the crossover giving the tweeter full range. When I got to USF I decided to become active in the wakeboard club and have had an absolute blast and met some really great people. The tailgates were amazing. We are extremely prepared for this tailgate season (yes, tailgating is a sport). We had an upholstery company donate a brand new interior to our flagship wakeboard boat so we no longer wanted to bring it out to tailgates as it would likely become extremely filthy. Because it was lacking an engine we went looking for a donor boat. We found one, but sadly the school's insurance wont let us have a working boat owned by the school without extensive paperwork and appeals to student government and the school's administration. However, we couldnt let that old fishing boat go to waste so we decided to make it our new tailgating machine. Here are some pictures. Wake USF Wake II Posted up at the Intramural Sports soccer games in support of our team Beneath the carpet covering on the left there are 2 12's in a massive sealed box, a Kicker KS6.5 in each side, two 10" mids and 1.5" tweeters in the stern, two PA horns in the blower vents facing outward, a head unit in the cabin that we can attach MP3 players and laptops to for virtually endless music selection. Even with ambient noise it can be heard clearly for a good 400m. Of course, the keg tap on the right side. That is me trying to get up while we were testing its tailgate ability for a basketball game. What it started as Though we have over 300 members, the majority of the work was done by 5-6 of us. Myself and 3-4 others did the Wake II decal on the outside. It was a lot of masking and work with a razor blade.
  12. CBFryman

    This is why Meth is bad

    Yes, and no one was ever a dick to me. I was never the subject of personal attacks, even when unprovoked. That is beside the point, however. I agree, I acted stupid at times, but it's the internet. There was a time when I took things a little too seriously or used a little too much emotion. Stuff happens. I guess this is the sort of thing that could be expected from place that is relatively single opinion. If someone doesn't agree they are wrong/dumb/shit/(insert insult here). Even after more than a year, I am still the subject of your little jokes. What does that say?
  13. CBFryman

    This is why Meth is bad

    I would expect no less of a reply from you, regardless of what I actually say. Nice thread title, though.
  14. CBFryman

    This is why Meth is bad

    "I dont agree with someone's views, decisions, and activities. Therefore, I should control them and their life. If they do not oblige I will call them ignorant, trash, among other insults. If that doesn't work I will chase them from my domain completely." That is logical and fair.
  15. CBFryman

    Something for you SQ Guys!

    bingo. yes he does. gmonk- thats gonna sound horrid.. you should like it