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    burning mp3

    i use audiograbber...it cost $20, but i really like it. and, it is shareware so you don't have to pay that upfront
  2. tool4rage

    Member Titles/Ranks

    maybe you could add one for the clueless. so you'd have a rank for people that are new to SSA but know car audio (newbie), and then you'd have a rank for people that are knew to both (clueless)
  3. tool4rage

    where can i go?

    i'm new to car audio, but would really like to learn to custom build and fabricate (amongst other things), so i was wondering where i could go to learn to do those things. i know there are tutorials, but i learn better with hands-on experience, so are there any places anyone could suggest. thanks for your suggestions
  4. tool4rage

    Need a new sub box that no one else has

    they are cool looking, but how do they sound?
  5. tool4rage

    brand newbie

    yeah i'm brand new to this forum and to the car audio world in general, but i would like to learn, so here i am (rock you like a hurricane)...lame joke