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    6 sp4 18s, 6th order, lots of glass and plexi

    I'm tuned in ...series tuned bandpass boxes hmmmmmmm
  2. REVpuggie

    RIP Shawn Fleming

    my condolances to everyone by whom he will be missed .
  3. REVpuggie

    Hi Gang!

    I Enjoyed the video ,looks loud as f*ck ,but it did not make me want a DC subwoofer , It makes me wanna buy thick steel plates for bracing and sounddeadener though . merry christmass!
  4. REVpuggie

    looking for single sub suggestions

    a better box and placing could do a lot for your scores also ... so try playing forward ,up and towards the back with routing the port edges and woofercuttout , bracing the box in the right places , smoothing the surfaces stuff like this really helps ... did that for a friend of mine last summer and he went from 143.XX to 149.5 in one hours work and putting the wooferbox in the right position on a single 15 inch woofer . oh .. and how big is that port in that box .if the port is to small its going to hurt output a lot .
  5. REVpuggie

    2 sa 15s 130 db

    ? My termlab measures anything above 120db ....I'm pretty sure of it
  6. REVpuggie

    Team Ascendant Audio 18"

    just can't believe you haven't sold that beast of a sub yet !
  7. REVpuggie

    Where ist the "Spaced Spider" option on SP4

    as i understood it : the spaced spider is no longer available because of the new lead wires Fi is using on the team and sp4 woofers . correct me if i'm wrong
  8. REVpuggie

    Hair Trick Video's 4 15" B2 Audio XC 160db 36HZ

    NICE ! what kind of clear coat did you use ?
  9. REVpuggie

    why? (4th order)

    wallthickness could very wel be 3 or 4 inches thick on a larger install if the frontchamber is big enough only a very short port is needed .
  10. REVpuggie

    Ascendant Audio.....Is it coming to a stop?

    I think the main problem is the website ... I guess they're working on it right now ! since I cant get on it .
  11. REVpuggie

    Hertz Mille Components ??

    I use the mille tweeters and I'm satisfied with them . for the money and a complete set I;d rather have focal KRX set
  12. REVpuggie

    What can I use as a substitute for MLV?

    https://www.facebook.com/silentcoat you should be familiar with this product
  13. REVpuggie

    The right sub enclosure for home studio use?

    If you're that curious than building a closed box for the SA shoulnt be that much trouble.
  14. REVpuggie

    The right sub enclosure for home studio use?

    I like building wacky disigns so I'd probably build a series tuned bandpass ,the most sensible thing to do is probably a closed box to avoid phasing problems and a good dsp to extend the lows .
  15. REVpuggie

    Using Infinite Baffle Driver in Sonotube Arrangement

    Have you thought about an isobaric alignment ? about 9 cubes would do
  16. REVpuggie

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year !
  17. a couple of these ! or these : or this one : that would do nicely
  18. REVpuggie

    4th Order Design Help

    -Please refer to it as a single tuned bandpass unless for some reason you need a 4th order mechanical filter -There is no given ratio you can use -The enclose will have to be designed as a whole , no rules of thumb, no using the sealed box recomendations and have a good reason for wanting a single tuned bandpass enclosure for your woofers !
  19. REVpuggie

    A sharper alternative tweeter

    do you have acces to an RTA and someone if not you, that can help you with a measurement ? seems to to me that your problems are all build related , aiming ald locating tweters , kickbass is very probable a weakness in your doors . so standing waves and resonances are probably your problem why not re-evaluate your build and play a little , to me sharpness and detail are not in the same book and most tweeters easily outperform kick/mid drivers...
  20. REVpuggie

    4th order help for two zv4 18s

    +1 I say let him go.it'l sort its self outgood write up , couln't have said it better !
  21. REVpuggie

    4th order help for two zv4 18s

    the fact that they can does not imply that is the best option for that you want from an install
  22. REVpuggie

    4th order help for two zv4 18s

    seems to me you're set on a specific setup , with what exactly do you need help then ? just ran the z4 woofers through bassboxpro6 and they'll will perform good in all of the above enclosures .. so it will be a matter of taste , common sense and space available
  23. REVpuggie

    4th order help for two zv4 18s

    F*CK ratios , and please dont build a single tuned bandpass enclosure fot something that is intended to play in a ported encosure . most efficient would be ported ... if it meets its goals to build a bandpass try to fit a series or parallel tuned bandpass .
  24. REVpuggie

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    team AA and an SMD ... I know the AA and Fi team subs are different , I doubt the design goals and output are worlds apart
  25. REVpuggie

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    they don't compare , 2 different beasts , SMD was all about low end , the TEAM is more like a BTL on steroids