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  1. $$mok3d

    Whats THe Best Dampening Sound Suppressor???

    Well I dont really need the trunk done I am more concerned with my rear speaker panel and my doors. Will the B-Quiet fall off of the doors like that edead crap i hear about?
  2. $$mok3d

    Whats THe Best Dampening Sound Suppressor???

    What do you guys think of B-Quiet Extrem?. Its 45mils thick and is 100sq.ft fopr 100 dollars. I have 20 sq.ft of Dyanmat Extreme in my trunk but that stuff is so dang expensive.
  3. $$mok3d

    so i got my 15 RL-p metered...

    where can i get metered. i dont know of many auio places around here because i only trust myself to do any work to my car. im one of those DIY'ers. would maybe a place like sound advice have a tl meter or seomthing?
  4. $$mok3d

    made box smaller

    maybe i should just make a small sealed instead of low tuned ported for my 15. i need more lows!!! AAHHHH
  5. $$mok3d

    15 rl-p and nex box

    Ok i understand now back to the drawing board. ill come up with a new plan with the port displacement calculated in.
  6. $$mok3d

    15 rl-p and nex box

    How would i figure out the length of 2 4" ports?
  7. $$mok3d

    15 rl-p and nex box

    if i used 2 4" ports would they be 6.4" long each?
  8. $$mok3d

    15 rl-p and nex box

    Im not so good at designing boxes but here is what i came up with. 32wx16hx13l gets me 2.95 cu.ft minus the .21 driver displacement i get 2.74 cu.ft internal volume. then for a tuning of 28hz i get a port length of 12.8 inches for a 4 in round port. can someone please tell me if these calculations are correct?
  9. $$mok3d

    15 rl-p and nex box

    Well my box now is 17h19.5w18l 3/4mdf sealed. It doesnt seem to hit the low frequencies well and i dont know if it matters that its facing the drivers side trunk area in my millenia. I had a 4 cu.ft box in there before with 2 jl 12's so a ported enclsoure might be nice. I have a maximum space of 32long 16high 19deep . would that be large enough to make a low end monster box?
  10. $$mok3d

    15 rl-p and nex box

    Im not very impressed by my first box build go figure. Its more of a cube shape than a rectangle and it doesnt fit in my trunk flush like i wanted it to. So i need to build a new box now. Im running the rl-p off an ED 9.1 at 2ohms and i want a box that will hit the lows very well. i was thinking 16x12x25 made out of 3/4 mdf. would this enclosure be ideal for good low end extension?
  11. $$mok3d

    New box design

    Ok the space i have would be 17" tall 32"wide 19"deep but the height starts to get smaller as you move further into the trunk hence the need for a wedge design. so the second height would be like 7".
  12. $$mok3d

    New box design

    Thats true I've been meaning to buy some components and a 4 channel soon. Need a better soundstage to keep up with the Rl-p. Was thinking about Alpine type R 6.5 components and and alpine mrp-f240 amp to run them.
  13. $$mok3d

    New box design

    I dont have much space to work with because my rear speakers hang down alot. It would have to be some kind of sealed wedge design. Im no good with making boxes but if someone could help me with a design I would apreciate it very much.
  14. $$mok3d

    New box design

    Ok i have an rl-p15 run off a 9.1 at 2ohms. What is the recommended size for a sealed box when giving it 800 watts. I have it in a 2.5 cu.ft right now and i think it could sound a little better. im looking for some more sq b/c it gets really loud and low.
  15. OK i was reading through this thread and cam upon the part that said it was bad to conncet the power wire to the fuse box. Why is that? I am still getting 12.5 volts w/ the car off and 14.3 w/ the car on. The sub wangs hard with the 9.1 starpped to it but i get some dimming when turned up loud. I think i need to do Big 3 and i have 2 ga power wire. So to sum it up why should i connect directly to my battery?