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    lol.. setup someone just posted on another board

    That site is full of nothing but morons, especially the guy that owns the car.
  2. loudnobnoxious

    New HT subwoofer

    Looks very good. I just thought that if those woofers were placed in a box that was lacquered to hell and back (like some monitor's are, really glossy) I would come to your home and they'd be leaving with me. That Soundstream amp looks cool, do you like it?
  3. loudnobnoxious

    SS-S Demo Ring

    If Mike wanted I'm sure I could get my setup running enough to give this a try. Well over 2kw at 4 ohms with a US Amps 2000X wired to it. My alternator would croak though, I still haven't put in my 300A Iraggi. I'll be testing my initial LMT proto coils on Friday with an RLC bridge. I'll bet almost none of you guys have never even seen one This one is analog, not digital.
  4. loudnobnoxious

    Look what I found today

    I trimmed back a good two inches of speaker wire on my DD and wrapped it around 8 gauge, then soldered them together.
  5. loudnobnoxious

    Specs: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT

    Steve who? Ponte?
  6. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    Watched Mark Potts pull a 150.0db on a TL on the dash with a single Orion 2500D and a pair of Type-R's....which, IIRC with impedance rise he was only pushing around 1700-1800w RMS to the pair. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was talking about the RL-S, not a pair of Type-R's :confused: I should have specified a little further? hehe
  7. loudnobnoxious

    rls pics

    I believe that was the intent of stating it is the RL-S.
  8. loudnobnoxious

    Specs: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT

    It does. Trust me, i've got $1,500 tied up in three initial prototypes. The sound is profound. I'm guessing that they didn't take the measurements at 2.83V and at a true 1W, this is good to see if my assumptions are correct.
  9. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    me? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry for the weird posting its my first time posting here. what are you running at home loudnobnoxious? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> One of the few TC Sounds initial prototype LMT woofers. I own 3, two are sitting in boxes. It is powered off a single channel of a Sony home receiver. It's in a 2.7 cubic foot box. I can't describe the sound, it's not tight or loose, it's just as the music is intended to be. It takes a long time to get used to. When it's time to drop low it knows how. Only paid $320 for it almost a year ago, not really sure when I got it to be honest. I paid almost double that for each of my other ones. Oh btw, I own 2, my girlfriend owns the third one and my modded Orion XTR PRO 2400. I won't put anything in her car I wouldn't put in my own.
  10. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

  11. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    Now of course it'll be different for everyone - but when I think of the RL-s, my FIRST thought is home theater since this driver has the capability to withold all of its supreme ( ) sound quality at very high output levels. I'm using a Behringer EP2500 amp that will output 2500 watts @ 4ohms bridged (or two channels of 1250 @ 2ohms), along with a Behringer crossover deck for the subwoofer line - for a combined price of less than $400 and let me tell you it sure does the trick damn well! Of course this driver is also suitable for car audio use by all means - but the reason why I personally would not opt to put one of these in my car is simply because of the requisite for massive power, lots of space, and the weight of the damn thing. I have no desire to go deaf in my car, and a couple 8's in my ride will have me grinning like an idiot no problem anyway! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HT? It would be right at home.... I use one of mine for home audio. I've never had it distort before, even though i've had it throwing quite far.
  12. loudnobnoxious


    My 300A alt from Dom with extra $99.00 fee was high $400 range. My van alt costs more than any other alt I've ever seen anyone give a price for online.
  13. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    You're not understanding the concept of this woofer. It seems as though it has been skewed by those who do not have first hand experience but base their opinions strictly on assumptions, which is dangerous. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> enlighten us. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That situation has many things going against you, which you are not taking into consideration. First off, the coil is incredibly heavy hindering your efficiency. Yes it does have the BL to move the coil plenty but just not even figures close to those of actual SPL drivers. Yes you do have tons of power handling but thats to move that big damn coil (and god awfully big suspension) and to achieve xmax. As it has been proven in the past xmax doesn't have a whole lot to do with the driver's SPL. Hopefully you are taking into consideration that xmax is a linear term. DD, RE, and all the other big names are mainly doing their numbers with their woofers in the non-linear range far from what you would consider normal operating situations. It's main focus is to keep BL at a constant high level. Also, what I refer to inductive rolloff will occur at a much lower frequency than actual SPL drivers as well. You're talking rolloff in the 60hz range, although that range with the specified inductance may be strong. Low Fs does not equate to high SPL either, from my understanding and experience it just means that a woofer with an Fs of 22hz will reproduce the lower frequencies easier than a woofer with say a 45hz Fs. Generally speaking, speakers with higher resonant frequencies are more commonly used in the SPL game. In conclusion, the speaker can handle a to of power but inefficiency and inductance will keep it from being a highly sought after SPL driver but an excellent "LSQ" (how that term exists i'll never know) driver. You are acting as though the XMAX and power handling just instantly mean they are going to be incredibly loud. Yes they do get loud, but so does almost every other woofer out there too. IMO it's just about how good it sounds while it's reproducing the music at such SPL levels. Yes you would be able to do an SPL box, but would it even do 150 or compete with the big guys? No offense but 2500watts is also pretty measley to be trying to do a 150 on a TL. You could do 140's no prob, but 150 is another story. It is an SQ driver and thats what it excels at. If I have either presented false information or misconstrued something then please let me know and I will stand corrected. I am more than willing to admit when I am wrong.
  14. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    You're not understanding the concept of this woofer. It seems as though it has been skewed by those who do not have first hand experience but base their opinions strictly on assumptions, which is dangerous.
  15. loudnobnoxious

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    Oh come on now, I bought mine used and the guy I bought it from had a US Amps 2000X on it. It also has another inch of linear movement. It'll hold